The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor 2018 finale: Maybe Nick Cummins picks NO ONE?

Will the Badger be walking away without his Honey?

By Bella Brennan
In just a matter of hours, we will finally get to watch the very last episode of The Bachelor Australia 2018.
The anticipation is palpable and the conspiracy theories about what the hell actually happens have reached fever pitch.
From claims Nick Cummins has already dumped Brittany Hockley and returned to the arms of former flame Cass Wood, to speculation the real winner is one we never saw coming - Sophie Tieman.
Either way, something strange is bubbling away in Bachelor land, and as the much-hyped finale trailer promises, there's going to be a twist to end all twists.
"In a season finale, that will shock the nation," host Osher Gunsberg explains in an explosive finale teaser.
"Hold onto your roses Australia, here comes the most heart-stopping end to a series you've ever seen," another promo touts.
It's been a minute since we had a proper Bachie finale plot twist and we're well and truly due for one!
For the past few years, it's been crystal clear who our Bachelor/Bachelorette was going to pick, from Matty J and Laura Byrne to Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy (RIP).
WATCH: Nick Cummins looks emotional during The Bachelor finale. Post continues...
Brooke was believed to be Nick's front-runner.
So here's my 11th hour conspiracy theory to throw in the mix: Perhaps our emotionless robot of a Bachie, aka Nick Cummins, picks no one.
Perhaps after front-runner Brooke's surprise departure, he just couldn't commit to either Sophie or Brittany.
Perhaps he hands back the bespoke ring created by Larsen Jewellery to Osher and apologises for wasting everyone's time.
It would definitely explain why Nick has fled the country and is not contactable for the rest of the week.
Throughout the whole season, the rugby star has struggled to open up, connect and talk about his feelings. And so far, not one lady has dropped the L bomb, which is usually a trump card to fast-tracking a blossoming romance.
The most we've gotten is Brittany telling Nick "she's all in!" Usually by hometowns, the suitor has been showered with multiple declarations of love. But this year = tumbleweeds.
"This was not part of my plan!" Nick was blind-sided by Brooke's decision to leave.
In last night's episode, Nick's inability to feel came to a painfully uncomfortable crescendo when he confessed to Brooke that he wasn't really falling for anyone.
"I need more time to advance my feelings," the Badger explained in what is maybe the most un-romantic line we've ever heard.
Adding: "I'm struggling feelings-wise with everyone at the moment. I think as we get down to this part, I'm challenged by it."
"First of all, having three girlfriends is already a strange concept. To then have myself develop feelings further with three people is confusing... It hurts my heart because it's not normally how it would take place. I'm finding it hard to break past barriers. I'm struggling for those feelings to move on, with everyone!"
WATCH: Nick struggles to open up to Brooke. Post continues below...
This doesn't look like this picture of a man in love. This looks like someone suffering from constipation.
In yet another hint the Bachelor doesn't end up with anyone, Nick's family can't believe Brooke hasn't made it to the final two.
"So tell us... Brooke, what happened? We would have thought she would have made it to the end," his sister Bernadette asks in the finale teaser.
Meanwhile, Brooke's decision to self-evict is clearly wreaking havoc on Britt and Sophie.
"Sophie and I will never know if it was supposed to be one of us that were leaving," a pensive Britt ponders.
"We'll find out if Brooke was the girl for Nick," Nick's dad Mark adds.
We hear you, Britt! No one wants to be Nick's sloppy second choice by default.
In another shot, we see Nick open a ring box before he keels over with his hands on his knees in a state of panic.
Not really the image of a man in love, is it?
No matter what happens tonight, get the popcorn at the ready cause we're in for one hell of a ride!
A stressed-out Nick during the grand finale. WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN?!