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Bachelor in Paradise: Is there already trouble in Paradise?

Our fave Bachelors and Bachelorettes are back! But who’s really looking for love and who’s just stirring up some drama?
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They didn’t come away with the final rose during their stints on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but these contestants are hoping they’ll get lucky this time around on Bachelor In Paradise.

By the sounds of things, they get lucky alright! With a bunch of fan faves and foes from previous Bachie seasons shacking up on an island in Fiji, the mercury is bound to rise.

And if you thought the drama on the regular Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons were OTT, you haven’t seen anything yet. Because in Paradise, anything goes.

Some eps will have more men than women, some will have more women than men. And when it comes to the rose ceremonies – which take place every second episode – the competition is on. After all, all’s fair in love and war!

So far, 18 contestants have been named, but you’ll just never know what – or who – you’ll find in Paradise.

Here are some faces to watch this season….

Keira Maguire

She made headlines as the villain in Richie Strahan’s season, and Keira Maguire is up to her old tricks, revealing she hadn’t even heard of half the former Bachie stars on set.

“I probably think I’m one of the more known women – some of them I didn’t even know, like Nina [Rolleston] and Ali [Oetjen]. No idea who you are!” she disses.

However, it’s not Nina or Ali – who she calls “space fillers” – rubbing Keira up the wrong way. Nup, Keira’s stressed about the ladies lockin’ lips with each other, like Megan Marx and Elora Murger, who appear to get it on in the series trailer.

“Megan and I never disliked each other – I just didn’t agree with certain things that she did,” she says. “I just don’t think it’s appropriate for, like, I don’t know.

“It just looks too raunchy… I shared a room with her and we got on – but there’s no girl-on-girl action happening here!’

Blake Coleman

Bad boy Blake Colman gained notoriety when he watered Jarrod Woodgate’s potplant with his own, er, special hose, and Blake tells us he and J are set to clash again!

“We had some conversations which people might enjoy watching,” he says coyly. But he’s ready to become a good guy.

“I thought the whole of Australia hated me, and I thought any girl I might meet would just straight away hate me [after The Bachelorette].”

Tara Pavlovic

Easily one of the favourite Bachelorettes in Aussie history, Tara Pavlovic, 27, says this time, after getting her heart broken by Matty J, she’s just here for fun.

“I’m not really looking for love here,” she tells NW. “I am single because I want to be single.” Erm, OK!

But Tarzy said she’s not even going to have that much “fun” on the island, either – “I’ll probably just kiss the person I’m in to – nothing more.”

No doubt the funny girl is about to break some hearts. Oh, but we are going to see Tara fire up, getting involved in all the drama on the show – in between flirting up a storm with Davey and Sophie Monk reject Sam Cochrane, of course.

Davey Lloyd

If Davey Lloyd’s pad’s rockin’, don’t come knockin’! The larrakin from Sam’s season came to Fiji, er, prepared to have fun!

“I packed condoms, if you want me to be honest – who knows what jungle fever they have on those beds over there,” he laughs to NW. “[I brought] a pack of 12.”

And if there’s one person he won’t be using them with, it’s Keira.

“I’d seen her out before and we did Family Feud before and I was always like, ‘Ugh God,’ when I had to see her,” he tells. “She likes to cause a bit of shit and make it the Keira show.”

So who’s Davey lusting after? “I’ve always had my eye on Flo,” he tells.

Florence Moerenhout

Love triangle alert! Flo had no problem seducing Matty J, and she’s up to her old tricks – this time with Davey and Jake.

“There’s definitely an undeniable chemistry going on between me and Jake,” she admits, adding that her heart is torn.

“I know who Davey is and I find him really attractive. He is hot and funny…”

Michael Turnbull

It’s been rumoured that Sammy’s on the market once again, so is her former suitor Michael Turnbull hoping for another shot four years after she dumped him in the finale?

“No. No. She only gets one chance with me, old Frosty! She had her chance. I’m not going to be anyone’s second choice. You know, she went [with] Sasha and she’s got to deal with the consequences. Maybe she should have picked me…” he says. Burn!

Michael can’t say the same about Tara and Laurina, though, who he’s keen to get it on with.

“You definitely see a wild Michael this time.” he says. Cheeky!

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