Give her a rose because Sam Frost is perfect for Home and Away

It's time you hold this summer babe in your arms.

By Chloe Lal
2018 is well and truly here and we have a real tingling in our belly that there's going to be a new queen of the small screen.
We're talking about former Bachelorette Sam Frost.
She literally crashed onto the Home and Away shores at the end of last year and now we're finally seeing the actress bring her character Jasmine Delaney to life... And it is a thing of beauty!
While the 28-year-old is no stranger to being on TV, starring on three reality shows (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Hell's Kitchen), she has faced criticism for her career change.
But we're here to remind all the naysayers what a breath of fresh air Sam Frost is as we bring you five reasons why she's exactly what Home and Away needs...
We're here for Sam Frost'sHome and Away debut.

1. Sam Frost gives REALLY good face

We first met Sam Frost in 2014 as one of the 30 women vying for Blake Garvey's heart on the second season of The Bachelor.
At the time she was 25, living in Victoria, working as a financial assistant - and she very quickly became the nation's unofficial sweetheart.
The bubbly blonde couldn't help but wear her heart on her sleeve. And you could ALWAYS rely on Sam Frost to say what she was thinking.
Whether she was having a show-down with dirty street pie Laurina, professing her adoration for love rat Blake or just being hilarious - Sam Frost was entertaining as hell.
And she continued that streak when she was crowned the nation's very first Bachelorette in 2015.
She knows how to strut her stuff...
Look at her emotional range.
Here Sam is showing the viewer that she's disgusted.
This is an ESSENTIAL skill to have as H&A babe.

2. Sam Frost is no stranger to drama

When you join the cast of one of the country's most beloved soap operas, you need to know a thing or two about drama.
Luckily for Summer Bay, Sam Frost is a freaking expert.
The former radio presenter competed on national TV for a man's heart, won him over and got engaged.
But then in the mother of all plot twists, she got dumped for the show's third runner-up.
She then decided to try again, dated a bevy of gents before finding "the one" in Sasha Mielczarek - only for it all to come to a crashing halt.
Even Osher knows it's a lot.
These days, Sam Frost is in love and happily dating Dave Bashford.
And that's just her personal life covered.
How can we forget her roller-coaster career as a reality star, radio host... And now actress.
Like we said, Sam Frost can handle drama.
Watch Sam make us LOL as she sells her Bunda ring from her ex Blake

3. She's the embodiment of a Summer Babe

Talk about stunning.
When you think of a Home and Away starlet, you instantly envision a natural beauty, with stunning beach hair and inner confidence.
And Samantha Frost has that in spades.
Whether she's dressed to the nines for the TV WEEK Logies or a rose ceremony, splashing around in the pool or sharing a make-up-free selfie - Sam is always a vision.
And she's remarkably relatable when it comes to her beauty insecurities.
Before her debut, Sam admitted she was "stressing out" about sporting bikinis on the show.

Prior to filming, the beloved Aussie joked to Fitzy and Wippa, "I've just gotta stop eating so much carbs I think."
"Mate, they get everyone in bikinis, so I'm really stressing out about it!"
Last year the blonde beauty told BW, "I don't really follow a diet and exercise if I can be bothered."
Adding to WHO, "I am comfortable in my body, but I'm quite shy about showing it."
"I'm just going to have to challenge myself and go, 'All right Sam, you've got to push through this barrier and not be shy about showing my body.'"
Colour us inspired, Miss Frost!

4. She's a complete natural in front of the camera

"You just have to back yourself!"
These days there are so many reality shows with thousands of contestants - it's a feat to be memorable from your series.
But to have captivated three TV programs, a national radio slot and being a beloved personality - that requires skill, wit and a whole lot of charm.
When she landed the role, Sam couldn't fathom it.
"I grew up watching Home And Away and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be on set and part of the cast," she told The Daily Telegraph.
"I auditioned against a whole bunch of people and that's why I thought I wouldn't get the role. After my second audition, when they finally said, 'You got the job!' I screamed. I was so excited."
Jasmine and Leah, played by Ada Nicodemou.
Sadly, her casting did receive some harsh criticism.
Australian Acting Academy artistic director Brendan Glanville spoke with Confidential, calling the move a "stunt."
"To me, it demonstrates that Home and Away has lost faith in its writers if directors are resorting to this kind of stunt, rather than using their storylines to pull viewers," he told the publication.
"I can't comment on Sam Frost's acting because some people have a natural ability, but this is a non-artistic choice that is disappointing."
But Sam is made of thicker stuff than that, admitting, "'I'm prepared for the criticism!"
Check her out as Jasmine in the video below!
"I can understand why people would say, 'Hang on, isn't that the chick from The Bachelorette, and now she's going to be in Home And Away?'" the 28-year-old told TV WEEK.
"But people don't see the months of gruelling hard work I did in the lead-up to it."
It turns out, this wasn't the first time Sam had auditioned for the show.
"I didn't get the role I originally auditioned for and had to go through the process again," she explained.
Proving that the cast of H&A truly are a family unit, Sam's co-star James Stewart jumped to her defence.
"She's a good egg," the 42-year-old said. "I remember her auditioning and seeing those first nervous shuffles into acting. I applaud her – she's killing it."
And we'd like to remind you that many of our biggest exports started out on this very show.
Watch Chris Hemsworth reflect on his time on Home and Away

5. Sam Frost is one of the realest girls on TV

Consider this our official campaign to land Sam Frost a Gold Logie nomination.
She started at out as one of 30 hopefuls on The Bachelor and now she's embedded herself into one of the nation's biggest shows.
Sam can rap, she's a hoot to follow on Instagram and we're going to bet that she'll very quickly become a Summer Bay fan favourite.
You can catch Sam Frost on Channel 7's Home and Away weeknights at 7pm