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Bachelor In Paradise’s Megan Marx in talks to become the first bisexual Bachelorette

It’d be mainly guys and a few girls in the mansion.
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Megan Marx has made no secret of her dream to find love with either a man or a woman on Bachelor in Paradise.

But before flying over to Fiji and catching the eye of Jake Ellis, the Bachelor beauty tells NW she was actually lined up to become the first ever bisexual Bachelorette instead!

“I was meant to be the Bachelorette on Sophie [Monk]’s season as they wanted someone bisexual,” Megan, 29, confesses.

“But then Sophie asked if she could do the show and she was awesome and maybe I wasn’t ready.”

Although she lost the job to Soph, show bosses were so keen to make the franchise more diverse they flew the fan favourite back to Australia from Europe to try to convince her to sign up for the season.

“It was in the early stages [of planning], but it would have been mainly guys and a few girls in the mansion,” Megan tells us.

Could this mean our next Bachelorette will be romancing people from both genders?

“Reality TV can define social culture a lot and I think it’s great that they’re wanting to portray alternative sexualities,” spills Meg, hinting towards a yes.

“It should elicit the same feelings watching a romance between a man and a man, woman and woman, or man and woman blossom.”

And romance indeed blossomed with both men and women in Paradise, with Megan confessing she found herself at the centre of a secret love triangle.

Yep, as she continued to grow closer to Jake, 31, the blonde babe reveals fellow Bachelorette Leah Costa, 25, was making a move on her!

When asked if she thought her co-star also identifies as bisexual, Megan responded, “I wouldn’t want to comment and I don’t know what she’d put out there – but Leah was great and I felt everything she said to me was genuine.”

Sadly, though, Megan tells us her openness on the show has sparked homophobic abuse.

“The biggest thing is that people don’t understand. When I’m dating a girl, people assume I’m now a lesbian and then if I’m dating a guy people say I’m straight again. My innate sexuality is the same and it isn’t going to change – it’d be nice for people to educate themselves.”

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