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BIP’s Brooke Blurton debuts new boyfriend after she leaves Paradise

Alex Nation, who?
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After quitting Bachelor in Paradise on Thursday, Brooke Blurton has taken to Instagram with a HUGE announcement.

While fans were shocked to see her leave, particularly after the relationships she’d built with Alex Nation and “US Alex” Bordyukov, it seemed it was for the best, as Brooke has found love!

“It’s with a beautiful beautiful man who I can not express how friggen lucky I am to have in my life,” Brooke revealed in the post.

“You have no idea how relieved I am to openly and honestly say this out loud!

“thank you for all that have been on my journey to find love.. so happens that I had already met him… 6 years ago… it just took a reality show for him to notice me 😝 [sic].”

The post featured three separate pictures of the 24-year-old and her new man, Nick Power, loved up and looking incredibly happy!

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Story continues after pics…

Brooke Blurton and her boyfriend, Nick Power. (Source: Instagram/Brooke.Blurton)

“You have no idea how relieved I am to openly and honestly say this out loud!” Brooke revealed. (Source: Instagram/Brooke.Blurton)

Brooke left Paradise after Alex Nation decided that she wanted to explore things with Bill Goldsmith.

“Coming into this I was keen as mustard [on you], and I feel we have really good connection and get each other,” said Alex.

“But I feel like after our date, whilst I still think you’re amazing and beautiful, my feelings for Bill have surpassed what was going on with you.”

A heartbroken Brooke told the cameras after: “I feel like a broken little girl right now.”

Brooke was left heartbroken after Alex dumped her for Bill. (Source: Network Ten)

Not only did her relationship with Alex cause a sensation, but comments she made about “her” Bachelor, Nick Cummins, sent shock waves through the camp during the first week.

“My decision for leaving wasn’t exactly how it came about,” Brooked revealed.

“I feel like there’s something I probably should tell you girls.”I thought there was definitely chemistry there and we developed something really good and yeah, I thought I’d be that girl at the end.

“Then he stopped the cameras and smothered his mic, to tell me that he wasn’t going to pick anyone in the end.”

Ummm … what the actual … ?!

But now, in a Now to Love exclusive, Brittany Hockley – one of the final two girls left heartbroken from Nick’s season – has come out with an explosive claim – that Brooke’s version may not be, well, accurate.

“Look, I’m sure that what Brooke is saying, she honestly believes,” Britt revealed.

“I wasn’t there at that time but I was told something different.”

Hmmm … we’re listening!

“It’s in the past,” she added. “There’s no point in bringing it up. I would personally never go into it but Soph and I were told something very different.”

Britt Hockley with Nick Cummins. (Source: Network Ten)

In the past indeed! We are so very happy for Brooke and her “new Nick”!

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