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Former Bachelor stars just can’t stop hooking up with each other! Meet the couples who started dating after the cameras stopped rolling

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Hundreds of single Australians have turned to reality TV shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to find love over the years – and it’s worked out… for some of them.

But for every Sam and Snezana Wood, there’s a Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy.

For every Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich, there’s a Blake Garvey and Sam Frost.

Do you see where we’re going with this?

The truth is that a lot of the romances on these shows don’t work out, especially for all the contestants who are sent home long before the finale.

But all is not lost, because there’s a surprisingly common trend of these contestants going on to hook up with other former Bachelor stars.

After all, who could understand a former reality TV star better than another former reality TV star?

Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling to see all the Bachelor and Bachelorette couples who hooked up after their season of the show.

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Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephens

There was a bit of controversy when rumours first emerged that Abbie and Konrad were hooking up before his elimination aired on Brooke Blurton’s season in 2021. Soon after, 2019 Bachelor runner-up Abbie went public with their romance just before Brooke’s finale aired and the controversy only intensified – read all about it here.

As for their romance, Konrad told TV WEEK: “When I met her, we got along like a house on fire… Abbie, what can I say? She’s an amazing girl and I’m excited to see what the future holds.” Meanwhile, Abbie has been happily posting loved-up snaps of them on Instagram.

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Abbie Chatfield’s “relationship style” with Konrad Bien-Stephens


Holly Langford and Millie Rubio

These lovebirds met on Brooke Blurton’s season of the show but didn’t get together until after filming wrapped in 2021.

“When they said intruders were coming into the house I didn’t think it would end like this,” Holly joked when the pair debuted their romance.


Alisha Aitken-Radburn and Glenn Smith

After first appearing on Angie Kent’s 2019 season of The Bachelorette, Glen headed to Bachelor In Paradise’s third season where he met Alisha, who originally starred on Nick Cummin’s season of The Bachelor in 2018. Amazingly, the pair found love and have been going strong ever since the cameras wrapped – in fact, they’re now engaged to be married!


Tiffany Scanlon and Megan Marx

Tiffany Scanlon and Megan Marx met on Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor in 2016 and became the first women in the Aussie franchise’s history to get together after dating the same Bachelor. Sadly, their romance didn’t last and the pair split in March of 2017.


Megan Marx and Jake Ellis

Megan later went on to find love with on-again-off-again boyfriend Jake Ellis after falling for one another on the first Australian season of Bachelor In Paradise.

“When Megan arrived in paradise, there was an instant attraction,” Jake told TV WEEK at the time, but their romance didn’t last.

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Jake Ellis kisses Megan Marx on Bachelor in Paradise


Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate

It was a romance no one really expected when Jarrod and Kiera fell for each other on Bachelor In Paradise’s first season. Jarrod had been on Sophie Monk’s 2017 Bachelorette season, Kiera had been on Richie Strahan’s 2016 Bachelor season, but both had lost out on love – until they found each other, that is.

They left the show together but immediately sparked split rumours when they pulle dout of media interviews. Though they soon confirmed they were still dating, the rumours persisted and in late 2018 Keira confirmed she and Jarrod had split… then confirmed they were back together in January of 2019! The reunion didn’t last though, and the romance was officially over by August 2019.


Sam Royce and Jarrod Woodgate

Jarrod is now very much in love with Sam, who first starred on Matt Agnew’s 2019 season of The Bachelor. The pair were first linked in late 2019 and later confirmed their romance, taking things to the next level in early 2020 when they bought a house together in Darwin! Jarrod recently gushed of his lovely lady: “Babe, you are amazing, incredible and the best thing that has happened to me in my 36yrs of living.”


Ciarran Stott and Kiki Morris

Ciarran, who first appeared on the scene in 2019 for Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette, seemed smitten with Kiki, from Richie Strahan’s 2016 season of The Bachelor, when they left 2020’s Bachelor In Paradise to pursue a romance together. Sadly, it didn’t last and the couple split just a few months after the show’s finale aired.


Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic

After starring on Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette and Matty J’s season of The Bachelor respectively in 2017, Sam and Tara headed to Bachelor In Paradise for the show’s first season and fell in love. In fact, their connection was so strong that in the finale, Sam asked Tara to marry him – and she said yes!

Unfortunately, the romance fell apart soon after, the pair confirming their split in 2018. It appeared to be a difficult break up, with Sam taking to social media to air his grievances and Tara going public with a new flame just weeks later. She’s now married with one child, while Sam is apparently single.

Blake Garvey and Louise Pillidge

It feels like a lifetime ago that Blake, after choosing Sam Frost as his winner and proposing to her on Australia’s second season of The Bachelor, dumped her to be with his second runner-up, Louise. The news came out just after the 2014 Bachelor finale aired and sent fans into a tailspin, sparking some serious backlash at the time.

The pair stayed together for 18 months before calling it quits, admitting that the public outrage affected their relationship. Blake told TV WEEK at the time: “I’ve gone through bouts of depression and I know we’ve both gone through some acute anxiety.”

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Blake Garvey, Louise Pillidge announce break up


Charlie Newling and Dasha Gaivoronski

There was drama when Charlie was spotted out and about with Dasha, who appeared on Nick Cummins’ 2018 season of The Bachelor, while his stint on Ali Oetjen’s season of The Bachelorette was still airing. The pair denied the rumours at the time but later went public, Charlie telling TV WEEK: “We are the best of friends and that’s a good basis for a relationship. We really enjoy each other’s time and we really clique and get along.”

So are they still together? We’re not entirely sure. Though the couple never officially announced they’d split, the last time Charlie posted a photo with Dasha on Instagram was back in 2019 and there are no photos of him on her profile anymore.


Brett Moore and Stephanie Boulton

What a ride this relationship was. Brett, a former contestant from Sophie Monk’s 2017 series of The Bachelorette, appeared on the 2018 season of Bachelor In Paradise, and it was there that it was revealed that he was actually dating Stephanie from Matty J’s 2017 season of The Bachelor. It turns out that Stephanie was supposed to be heading into Paradise too, where she and Brett hoped to continue their romance, but when Brett went in first and it was revealed that they were dating, everything went pear-shaped.

Brett was sent home, Stephanie never appeared on the show (Brett claimed her contract was “ripped up”) and… yeah. There was a whole lot of drama around it all, but things seemed to work out for Brett and Stephanie. There are still plenty of loved-up posts on her Instagram profile, though most of them are from 2020.


Florence Moerenhout and Davey Lloyd

Florence appeared on Matty J’s season of The Bachelor in 2017 before enjoying a stint on Bachelor in Paradise the following year, and again in 2019. She met Davey, who was originally on Sam Frost’s season of The Bachelorette in 2015, on her second time in Paradise and the pair seemed destined for a proper love story – until she called off their romance in the finale. Ouch.


Luke McLeod and Lisa Hyde

Luke first appeared on Sophie Monk’s 2017 Bachelorette season, while Lisa was a Bachelor original who won our hearts in 2014 on Blake Garvey’s season, but they first crossed paths in 2018 when they both headed to Bachelor In Paradise. They left the show together and fans had high hopes for the couple, but they split soon after, with rumours flying about an alleged cheating scandal involving Luke and a 19-year-old girl.


Dave Billsborrow and Sarah-Mae Amey

Sarah was one of Sam Frost’s closest pals on Dave Garvey’s 2014 season of The Bachelor, while Dave was on Sam’s 2015 season of The Bachelorette, and it was that mutual connection that helped the pair meet. At first they seemed like a reality TV match made in heaven, but the romance didn’t last and by April of 2016 the couple had called it quits.

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