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How The Bachelor’s Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston are keeping their romance alive in the real world

''Life just keeps getting better everyday.''
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The Bachelor Australia’s Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston were finally free to take their relationship public in September 2021.

The duo live in Sydney, which was in lockdown due to the Delta outbreak of COVID-19 when the finale of their season of The Bachelor aired.

But that didn’t the pair from making the most of their newfound freedom, enjoying at-home dates and cuddles on the couch until they were allowed outside once again.

After months of keeping their love secret, the pair were happy just to be able to run errands and enjoy their government-approved “daily exercise” together until lockdowns lifted.

“We skipped a lot of the first steps to a relationship, where you’re going on coffee dates or doing all the simple things,” Jimmy told TV WEEK at the time.

“So, we’re really looking forward to getting back to normal life.”

Holly added: “It’s been such a long slog, particularly with lockdown and not being able to see each other that much.

“I think it’s just such a relief to finally have everything out in the open.”

Jimmy shared a happy snap with his two favourite girls – his motorbike Tiffany and new girlfriend Holly.

(Image: Instagram)

From weekends away, to glamorous date nights and now getting ready to say “I do” after Jimmy proposed to Holly while visiting Sorrento, Italy, during their European getaway.

As the couple take us on their romance journey, we take a look at some of their cutest moments so far.

(Image: Instagram)

“Our love story is a bizarre one but it’s OUR one. We are so grateful to be able to share these milestones with you, particularly those who have supported our journey since day one,” Holly wrote in a caption posted to Instagram, which featured Jimmy dropping down onto one knee.

(Image: Instagram)

“1. I can’t wait to marry you 2. Can we be back on this little balcony drinking rosé & watching the sun go down right about now,” Holly wrote.

(Image: Instagram)

The pair recently travelled around Europe, where Jimmy proposed in August in Italy.

(Image: Instagram)

Their dog Billie is practically their first child!

(Image: Instagram)

Holly and Jimmy

The lovebirds celebrated a year since the finale night of the Bachelor when they could finally become official at The Apurva Kempinski in Bali.

Holly posted a picture from their date with a frangipane in her hair and cocktails in their hands.

She proudly captioned the milestone snap, “An unforgettable evening celebrating 1 whirlwind year since I trembled down that bridge on finale night. 🌹 No pressure for the 10 year anniversary @jimmynicholson the bar is set pretty high 🐠.”

In her comments, Jimmy joked about their ten year anniversary plans by writing, “Im thinking for our 10 year we do a garage tour followed by some DIY.. thoughts?”

(Image: Instagram)

Off on their next adventure! In mid-March, Holly and Jimmy travelled to Paris – a very fitting destination for the love birds.

“Moments later we realised this isn’t the Arc de Triomphe,” Jimmy quipped.

(Image: Instagram)

In early March, Holly and Jimmy went on a lavish getaway to South Australia, where they explored the state’s stunning wineries.

“SA and more specifically McLaren Vale exceeded our expectations… a wine region, a few seconds from the beach? SolD,” Jimmy wrote.

(Image: Instagram)

Keeping up with their 100 Honeymoons Instagram video series, Jimmy and Holly ventured to Fiji in February for a tropical three-week holiday.

“We met the kindest of people, ate beautiful food, swam in the clearest water, explored wonderful local villages, conquered some firsts, had countless laughs and were even able bring my amazing family & friends along for some of the ride,” Holly wrote alongside this photo of the pair snorkelling.

(Image: Instagram)

Jimmy and Holly celebrated their one-year anniversary while in Fiji, and does it get more romantic than this?!

“With all the bad news circulating the world at the moment, I’m grateful for so much, but I’m especially grateful for this day 1 year ago, when this incredible girl walked into my life ❤️” Jimmy wrote alongside this sweet pic.

(Image: Instagram)

Jimmy and Holly’s trip to Fiji was quite the relationship milestone!

“First international trip together is off to a pretty special start 🏝 Loving seeing this guy back in a place very close to his ❤️,” Holly penned with this photo.


Holly birthday

Jimmy celebrated Holly’s birthday by sharing an adorable video montage filled with videos and photos of their best moments together.

He also penned a loving tribute to show his fans how much he loves their lives together.

“Happy birthday to my best mate. I love you more than anything in the world,” he began. “What a ride we have had, from declarations of love on national television to painting a mirror on our garage floor. I love every second I spend with you and look forward to a lifetime of love and adventures with you ❤️😘😍.”

Holly reposted the footage on her Instagram stories and wrote about how much she appreciates Jimmy. “This man has made my birthday and most importantly EVERY day so special. Beyond grateful for the unconditional love, craziness, support and laughter you have brought to my life,” she gushed.

Watch Jimmy’s montage in the video below.

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Jimmy Nicholsons’ birthday montage for Holly


These two certainly clean up nicely! With party season in full swing, Holly and Jimmy are back in the fancy outfits we came to expect from them on The Bachelor.


“Life just keeps getting better everyday with you 🌟 @jimmynicholson” Holly gushed in December.


The loved-up duo have been making the most of relaxed travel restrictions, jetting off for romantic weekends away months after The Bachelor wrapped.


It was off to wine country in Mudgee to ring in Jimmy’s 32nd birthday and Holly couldn’t have looked happier with her handsome man.


“As they say, ‘all good things must come to an end’. @hollykingston thank you for enduring the longest birthday known to man. This has been the best birthday week (month-ish) ever and boy have you made me feel special!! ❤️❤️😘😘” Jimmy joked of his birthday bonanza.


Holly and Jimmy jetted to Palm Beach for a holiday with his family in October, Holly calling her possible-future-in-laws “ridiculously awesome”.


The pair took a big step and moved in together in September, Holly joking: “We may have had 18+ lovers quarrels and smell like a communal garbage disposal BUT we’re still smiling because we’ve moved in! (Kinda) 🏡👩🏼‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏽”

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The Bachelor’s Jimmy paints with Holly


They couldn’t get up to much in lockdown, but that didn’t bother Holly. She captioned this mid-walk snap: “After enduring the slog of living our relationship in secret I’ll never take for granted these simple strolls which include exciting future chats, endless chuckles & persistent staring at your biceps @jimmynicholson”

Image: Instagram

Holly and Jimmy make margaritas

Like many of us in lockdown, Holly has gotten creative with her cocktails!

“So beyond blessed this one has become such a big part of my life… it’s a Spritz x Margarita! Best invention of all time,” she said of her drink, joking: “Shame about the company though.”

The relaxed couple have also been enjoying the lowkey things, like going for a swim in their local ocean pool and doing a little painting in Jimmy’s garage.

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Holly and Jimmy enjoy a swim in lockdown

Image: Instagram

Jimmy and Holly appear on HYBPA

With a “rock solid” relationship to see them through the jokes, the pair even dared to go on Have You Been Paying Attention? – the hilarious game show that’s known for lightly roasting guest quizmasters.

Taking it in their stride, Holly and Jimmy appeared to enjoy the banter with Sam Pang and Tom Gleisner. Check out the video below!

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Jimmy and Holly appear on HYBPA

Image: Instagram

Jimmy and Holly first photo

Their first photo – outside of the official shots from The Bachelor – was a candid selfie. And a cute one, at that.

Jimmy shared a montage of snaps on his page, writing in his caption: “Us trying to get our first couples selfie for the gram.”

We’d call it a successful debut! And much sweeter than Jimmy’s fake-out split reveal, with the star jokingly pranking viewers that they had broken up in a video released after the finale. Watch that one below…

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Jimmy pretends he’s split from Holly in first post

Image: 10

Holly and Jimmy finale

When the last episode of The Bachelor aired, Holly and Jimmy were finally able to declare their love for another.

“I can finally say I believe in the saying ‘when you know… you know’. It feels so ridiculously good to share with you all that I’ve met my soulmate,” Holly wrote on Instagram. “It was a rocky road to get there, but I’d do it ten times over for this guy right here.”

“To my love – thank you for having my back since day one, for seeing through the mindless nonsense, for the endless belly laughs and for loving every part of me. I can’t wait to stumble through life with my best friend… even though you have no concept of a morning voice and you crunch in my ear during every phone call.”

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