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The Bachelorette 2018 Exclusive: Charlie Newling confirms he's dating Dasha Gaivoronski

“At least one good thing has come out of The Bachelor this year!”

By Tina Burke
Charlie Newling was sent home in tonight's episode of The Bachelorette Australia. Though he did not win the heart of Ali Oetjen, his spot on the show has helped him find romance elsewhere in the bachie-verse.
Charlie has confirmed to TV WEEK that he is currently seeing everyone's favourite sassy star, Dasha Gaivoronski, who appeared on Nick Cummins' season of The Bachelor earlier this year.
"We're seeing each other, we'll call it that for now!" Charlie tells TV WEEK. "We haven't really put a label on it. It was hard to label it while the show was still on and we were trying to keep things low-key.
"We are the best of friends and that's a good basis for a relationship. We really enjoy each other's time and we really clique and get along," Charlie, 31, says of his new love interest Dasha.
Charlie and Dasha enjoyed drinks with fellow Bachelor alum Emily Dibden earlier this month. Source: Instagram.
"At least one good thing has come out of The Bachelor this year!" he jokes, referencing this season's disappointing finale where Nick chose to remain single.
Charlie says he is grateful that The Bachelorette led him to Dasha, even if he was left a little crushed by Ali.
"100% yeah," he says, when asked if he's happy he went on the show. "It's led me to someone on the outside that I never would have met otherwise!"
Charlie is happy he met Dasha after the show.
Charlie and Dasha were spotted enjoying several outings recently, though they had said they were "just friends."
Charlie says he understands why the leaked paparazzi photos might have upset viewers, as it somewhat 'ruined' the ending.
"Of course I understand the reaction and I do care [that it spoiled the ending] but we were told that it's not really something you should do, but if we came across anyone really special they weren't gonna stop us," Charlie says, adding "And she was really someone special who came in to my life and was there at a time when I really needed her.
"It's hard to not spend time with that person and not live your life. Unfortunately, we did get caught, but we weren't gonna lose the opportunity while it was there."
Well, it looks like Bachelor fans have another couple to keep an eye on!

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