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The Bachelor Australia: Meet the guys and girls Brooke dated before Nick

“I could just tell that he was uncomfortable about it."
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This season’s Bachie frontrunner Brooke Blurton, left the Honey Badger shook on last night’s Bachelor.

The 23-year-old Perth born brunette revealed that two of her past relationships had in fact, been with women.

“I did not see this coming,” Nick responded, looking positively shell shocked.

In an exclusive interview with Brooke, the youth worker opened up to OK! about her previous partners.

“I’ve had two serious relationships with guys and I’ve also had two serious relationships with girls,” Brooke said.

“So my longest was with a guy, and that was for three years when I was quite young. It is a concern when you’re in a relationship with a guy and you tell them that you also like the same sex. They get a little bit, I guess, insecure in the relationship.”

Brooke revealed that her longest relationship was with a guy, however, he was uncomfortable with her sexuality.

Before entering the mansion, Brooke dated a guy who was well aware of her relationships with women.

“To be honest, he was probably the one that was most judgemental,” she said looking back.

“I could just tell that he was uncomfortable about it. I wish obviously that he was, because I think the relationship could’ve been great if we could just get over that.”

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Her first serious relationship with a girl saw her date a women seven years older.

“We lived together for like six months, but we were together for just under a year,” she said.

“I think sometimes when people come into my life they’re not at the right time in their life.”

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Hopefully for Brooke, Nick is ready for someone like her and it seems that he is completely supportive of her sexuality.

“He was wonderful,” she said. “There was no judgement at all, I could just tell. He was very accepting of it. I think it was quite surprising for him. I think he was accepting and it didn’t really bother him.”

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