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Exclusive: Bachelor Australia's Top 10 babes reveal their true feelings about Nick

And one shares their hopes to be the next Bachelorette!

By NW team
With just weeks to go before the final rose, the drama is heating up in the Bachelor mansion. And it's no wonder why – many of the girls are falling head over heels in love with Bachie Nick Cummins!
NW steals the Bachelorette's away from the Honey Badger for a day to find out how they really feel about him. And while there were some admissions of love (not just from Cass, FYI), there were also some volunteers to be the next Bachelorette.
Red flag alert!

BROOKE: "Nick's a great kisser!"

Brooke Blurton, 23
23-year-old Brooke has had three single dates thus far and seems to be going from strength-to-strength with Nick, but how is she really feeling about things?
"It's really great to be with someone who has something in common with me," she told NW. "But time will tell."
"I think in a relationship, having common interests is really important and that's one thing Nick and I have got."
One common interest this pairing seems to have is their love of kissing, so how does Nick fare?
"Nick is a good kisser, but I'm not sure if he will say the same about me... I don't think I've ever experienced pash rash before!"
And would her family approve?
"Yeah! My family would just be happy if I was with someone that I truly love and who truly loves me," she said.
"They would be supportive of that – whoever he is... "

EMILY: "I'm ready to get engaged"

Emily Dibden, 24
Emily, 24, has only just recently connected with Nick on the series and is looking forward to getting to know him better. So why should Nick choose her?
"I pride myself on being really genuine and really friendly and open to finding love," she told NW.
"As I'm getting to know Nick, I see that he has those attributes as well. We're on the same page with how we see life and how we'd like our life to be, so maybe that means we're compatible."
Emily is looking for a partner to share her life with, however she's not willing to "settle".
"[I would love] have a family and do all the beautiful things you do with a partner. I've never been engaged before, and I would love to be engaged!"

DEANNA: "Nick will make the best Dad!"

Deanna Salvemini, 28
Intruder Deanna has made it to the final 10 and has yet to join Nick on a single date, however, she already can see a fast connection.
"He's exactly my personality – he's athletic, looks after his personal appearance, loves adventure," she told NW.
"We definitely have a lot to talk about because I was an Olympic swimmer, we've both got sporting families and large families. And because we've done a lot of athletic things on the show, he's definitely seen me shine."
So does Nick know how Deanna feels?
"We've chatted about where I'm at in my life and if we both want kids and we both said yes," she said. "I think Nick will be a very loving and caring dad. You can tell he's got a lot of warmth in his heart, and a great sense of humour."

SOPHIE: "There's a lot going on here"

Sophie Tieman, 25
Sophie brings all the great banter into the Bachie mansion, however, her initial response to Nick was less than positive.
"When I first saw Nick, I saw the curls and the moustache and I thought, "There's a lot going on here." she told NW.
"I wasn't sure about the moustache, and I was very open about that – maybe not to his face – but I love it now."
Even though she wasn't so keen on his appearance, she can confirm she's into him.
"He's very tall!," she said. "He's very funny, too, and adventurous! He's doing good so far!"

BRITTANY: "I would definitely be the Bachelorette"

Brittany Hockley, 30
Brittany has been tipped to win Nick's heart and can definitely see a future with him.
"I definitely want to get married, have children and two dogs," she told NW. "And live on a farm growing my own vegetables in Byron Bay. That's the end goal – a few years away!"
But if she's not the 'one', there's also another option:
"If it doesn't work out with Nick and I'm still single, I would definitely be the Bachelorette," she said.
"I'm pretty down-to-earth and funny, so if there's any interest in me, then yes!

SHANNON: "I'm scared Nick's forgotten me"

Shannon Baff, 25
Although the petite blonde is still in the top 10, Shannon feels like her connection is weakening from the very first episode.
"You do worry that you've been forgotten a bit but I just have to be patient," she told NW. "It's difficult though."
So how has she managed to get a rose each episode?
"I just catch his eye at rose ceremonies. At cocktail parties I'll take whatever time I can get with him and we'll be really giggly and happy together – even if it's only for a moment, so that's really good."

TENILLE: "I can't stay any longer while my mental health suffers"

Tenille Favios, 25
Tenille had a very public face-off with Romy last week, resulting in a run away bride type scene and Australia's hearts breaking, so how did she really handle the situation?
"Yes, she broke me," Tenille revealed to NW.
"After she had a go at me I needed my space. I was thinking I can't stay here any longer because it's not worth what it's doing to my mental health. I needed to be back with my friends and family and just have good people around me."
Ultimately, Tenille decided to stay and her reason? The connection she had with Nick.
"We'd just had a really beautiful date. We shared a kiss too, so after I calmed down I realised that I had to block out all the other drama and further explore what we have."

CASS: "Every moment with Nick is special"

Cass Wood, 23
It's no secret that Cass had dated Nick before the show even began, which has led the 23-year-old to believe that such a meeting was 'fate'.
Although, she knew him previously, the Sydneysider still hasn't had a single date.
"It's really hard, but I kind of expected this because there are loads of girls he doesn't know," she said. "So maybe he's saving me for later!"
While she hasn't had one-on-one time during the show, Cass does reveal their very special connection.
"Every moment with Nick is special," she said.

DASHA: "I want it to be 100% perfect"

Dasha Gaivoronski, 27
Dasha very famously shower her athleticism in the very first episode and then went on to have a very "fly" single date with Nick, so it's no surprise she is in the Top 10.
While the single mum-of-one seems confident in her approach, she still needs help finding love.
"When I'm in a relationship I want it to be 100 per cent perfect, and I won't settle for anything less. " She told NW.
"When I see something going wrong, I just walk away – and that's what happened with my two previous relationships after my marriage ended."
Dasha has also been open about her son, Leon, and revealed what happened when she told Nick about him.
"He seemed pretty happy about it, and I feel like Nick is a big kid himself," she said. "He is one of eight, so he is a family man and has some amazing family values. He took the news like a champion."

JAMIE-LEE: "I dream of settling down"

Jamie Lee Dayz, 27
Intruder Jamie Lee has definitely already made an impression on Nick after injuring her ankle and being carried around by him.
While it may seem like terrible luck (queue moon boot plus gown), it hasn't been to her disadvantage.
"Nick was like a knight in shining armour!" Jamie Lee told NW. "I think Nick has been a real gentleman with his approach to it."
Jamie Lee is hoping that she can get the Honey Badger's attention by forming a deeper connection with him and ultimately, is looking to settle down straight away.
"A big wedding isn't important to me, I'm more about that soul and those feelings and I don't think I'd get those feelings from a big wedding," she said.
"I definitely do dream of settling down and starting a family and doing that whole "white picket fence" thing. I think that's really beautiful."
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