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The Bachelor Australia Nick's sister spills: "I have my favourite girls!"

After meeting the bachelorettes, Nick's older sister Bernadette Cummins has picked her front-runners.

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Our 2018 bachelor Nick Cummins is one of eight siblings, meaning the girls vying for his heart have a lot of family members to impress.
On Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelor, the bachelorette's met two of Nick's siblings, his sister Bernadette and his brother Jacob as well as his dad Mark. The girls were eager to get a chance to get to know Nick's family, they were also keen to throw their fellow mansion mates under the bus!
But Nick's sister saw through the catty comments, and the family chose Brooke to join the Cummins clan for a family dinner.
While it was obvious Brooke was a top choice, when we caught up with Bernadette, she told OK! there was a second woman who also left a lasting impression on the family that day...
Meet Bernadette, Nick's older sister!
Who did you find the most genuine in your chats?
Bernadette: I found Brooke and Brittany the most genuine in my conversations with the girls on the day.
Was it easy getting information from the ladies?
Bernadette: All the girls were approachable and easy to talk to. I felt like they really wanted to talk to me and put their best foot forward. Cat and Romy were very willing to give their opinions.
Who was your favourite?
Bernadette: I've thought a lot about who my favourite was on the day and I would have to say it would be a dead heat between Brooke and Brittany, without a doubt.
Brittany also left a good impression on Bernadette.
Bernadette: Both of these girls have attributes I believe my brother is looking for in a wife and they would both fit into our big family quite nicely.
Have you ever interrogated Nick's Girlfriends in the past?
Bernadette:[Laughs] I've never interrogated Nick's girlfriends in the past, I haven't had too.
Romy was quick share her opinions on her fellow bachelorettes.
What are you looking for in a girlfriend for Nick?
Bernadette: I believed the right person for Nick is someone who's honest, nurturing, passionate and driven. Someone who's independent but will work alongside Nick in fulfilling each other's dreams.
Would you ever tell him if your weren't happy with his choice?
Bernadette: That's a tough one. It hasn't happened yet so I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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