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Bunk beds, a fake gym and TWO mansions: Laura Byrne and Britt Hockley reveal the reality behind The Bachelor cameras

Expectation vs. reality.
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If there are two women who know what life is like in the Bachelor mansion, it is Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley.

The pair, who both made it to the final two of their seasons (one, eventually winning the heart of Matty J Johnson and the other unceremoniously dumped on national TV by Nick Cummins) came together for a new podcast about dating, love and life called Life Uncut where they revealed everything there is to know about the realities of mansion live on The Bachelor.

After doing many interviews on the media circuit, we’ve certainly heard their stories before – but in this particular ep, we get the inside goss on what really happens inside the Bachie mansion.

And if you thought you knew the Bachelor franchise well, you might want to think again.

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Britt Hockley and Laura Byrne reveal all in their podcast, Life Uncut.

(Image: Instagram @ladyandacat)

The girls live in a room with 14 other people

People may not know this, but Laura and Britt’s seasons of The Bachelor were filmed in different mansions.

Laura revealed that their living arrangements were “dorm room” style.

“Our mansion was three quite big rooms and all the girls were in bunk beds in the rooms. In my room it was actually 14 girls all in bunk beds and obviously that dwindled down.

“It was like being on school camp which was probably one of the funnest and one of the most difficult parts of the whole thing as well.”

That is some mansion!

(Image: Network Ten)

It’s like an extended holiday

One of the most common questions both women get asked is “what do you eat”?

The “most common misconception” is that girls put on weight because they have nothin’ but a whole lot of down time and tons of chocolate to eat.

According to Laura, the girls would do big cook-ups as a group and enjoy “family dinners”.

“It was like being on holidays,” she admitted. “It was bloody great sometimes!”

And when it came to groceries, the women had “free reign over everything,” – well, apart from avocados because the house was on an “avocado ban”.

“The way it worked for us, was that we had a weekly allowance to split between all the girls,” Laura said.

“So our grocery shop had to be less than the weekly allowance and obviously things like avocadoes are day-um expensive and there was also a cyclone at the time that had wiped out the avocado stock.”

“It ruled our life for quite a while,” she added.

Laura and Matty on a date during their time on the Bachelor 2017.

(Images: Network Ten)

The gym is just “a bit sh-t”

According to Laura and Britt, their gym was not as glam as you’d think.

In a very funny anecdote, Laura asked Britt: “Also, what was your gym like? Was it as sh -t as ours?”

“Yes, so a funny story,” Britt said. “Our gym was the alpaca shed that they had just ripped out the hay and put some equipment in there. So it was quite small. It had what you needed but ‘gym’ is a stretch of a term.”

On Laura’s season, their gym was a garage with a treadmill and dumbbells (and the addition of a rat).

The girls from Nick Cummins’ season worked-out in the alpaca shed!

(Image: Network Ten)

The Bachelor rules the roost in the house

Speaking of the gym, Laura revealed at one point that weights in the gym had mysteriously gone missing.

“I went in there to do a workout and all the heavy weights had been taken,” she recalled.

“And I found out it was because Matt had requested that he have all of the weights over 16kgs, so I threw a little and got all of our weights back.”

“The Bachelor gets to rule the roost of the Bachelor mansion, that’s for sure!”

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Once in lockdown, you cannot leave the mansion

“You don’t leave the mansion ever unless you’re on a date,” Britt revealed, however, Laura did get a pass-out at one point for a funeral.

“Even for that, I was chaperoned by a minder to the funeral. They waited for me at the funeral. I couldn’t go to the wake or anything. As soon it was finished, I had to get back into the car and go straight back. So everything is monitored severely,” she explained.

“Once you’re in lockdown you’re in lockdown. You don’t leave, you don’t have access to your phone, you don’t have access to calling your family. The only time that you’re able to call your family is once for 15 minutes every two weeks.”

“Your minder will listen in and make sure there’s nothing that you’re talking about that could give away any aspect of the show and also, they also listen in in case your family are telling you things that could make you want to leave as well.”

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