The Bachelor Australia

Locky Gilbert breaks down in new trailer for The Bachelor, hinting at an emotional, heartbreaking finale episode

Could this be the anti-Honey Badger season?!

By Maddison Hockey
The first teaser for The Bachelor Australia 2020 with Survivor star Locky Gilbert is here - and you're going to want to grab the popcorn, because it is a doozy!
We see production shut down due to coronavirus restrictions, wild dates held both in real life and via video call, as well as one massive cat fight.
After the show was shut down due to COVID restrictions, anticipation was high amongst fans who awaited a new-look season.
And while we'd heard Zoom dates had replaced the real thing, we now have our first hilariously awkward glimpse at how they really work.
"The outside world brings everything to a halt," host Osher says before telling Locky: "We have to stop production, we can't keep everybody safe."
Locky looks exasperated as Osher informs him production will need to stop. Image: Channel 10
Cue the zoom dates … and animal themed onesies.
From group dates dressed up on the couch, to wearing nothing at all in a steamy bubble bath video call, it looks like love in lockdown isn't all bad for Locky.
Locky and one of the contestants get cosy during a bath date. Image: Channel 10
The girls dress up in onesies for a group Zoom date. Image: Channel 10
But while Locky appears to make the most of his time with the ladies, no matter the circumstance, tensions were clearly rising in the mansion.
While we're accustomed to a few clashes between women, this season appears to be one of the most dramatic yet.
"If she rocks up to the cocktail party, I will lose my sh*t," one contestant Laura says, before another girl called Areeba storms out of a cocktail party saying: "If you betray me, you'll wish you never did."
She completely loses it! Image: Channel 10
Cut to another woman dressed in a dazzling gold dress, pictured above, who tells another woman to "shut up", before storming out screaming: "You are trash, you are trash, you are trash. That's it. Your fake hair, your fake lashes, your fake tits."
The girl in question simply responds: "I don't care."
"I'm in love with both of them," Locky says in the trailer. Image: Channel 10
The trailer also hints at a dramatic finale, with footage showing Locky confessing his love for one woman - "I'm falling in love with ya," he states" - before vision of him breaking down while wearing a fancy suit is shown.
Locky is clearly torn between choosing just one woman, stating: "I'm in love with both of them. It's ripping me apart. You don't break up with someone that you love."
Could we be in for an anti-Honey Badger style climactic finale, where our Bachie struggles to choose a winner?
We'll have to tune in to find out.
The Bachelor premieres on August 12 at 7.30pm on Channel 10.
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