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The perfect chemistry? Who is The Bachelor’s Chelsie McLeod?

She's already tipped as a front runner, so who is Chelsie McLeod?
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From the very first moment that the The Bachelor‘s Matt Agnew and 28-year-old chemical engineer, Chelsie McLeod, met, sparks began to fly.

Not only was their physical attraction obvious, but it seems when it comes to intelligence, the good Doctor has met his match.

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Fans are already predicting the VIC local as a front-runner for Matt and to be honest, even she is a little taken aback by their instant chemistry.

When Chelsie presents Matt with a special gift – a temporarty tattoo of the chemical formula for “oxytocin” i.e. the love chemical – she simply cannot believe that this guy is, well, SMART!

Not only is the whole exchange cute and romantic, but she is shocked beyond belief that he a) understands formulas and b) can finish her sandwiches…we mean sentences.

“I can’t believe he is smart,” Chelsea tells the cameras after their encounter. “That is so exciting. I actually didn’t think he would be able to understand what I was talking about at all!”

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Is she Matt’s perfect match?

(Source: Network Ten)

So who is Chelsie McLeod?

This stunning beauty studied at Melbourne University, finishing a Bachelor in Science, Chemical Engineering. Not only did she do two years of study for her BA, but she also completed a Master of Chemical Engineering.

According to her LinkedIn, Chelsie worked in a promotional staffing, events and sampling agency. While not doing the promotional work herself, she managed direct customer relationships in the marketing team.

Even in 2013, she was an absolute stunner!

(Source: Facebook/Chelsie McLeod)

After completing her Masters in 2014, Chelsie worked in Water Quality Performance and as a trainer at WaterWerx. We’re thinking this makes her a natural leader!

For just under the past four years, Chelsie has been a process engineer – “assessing costs, improving water quality and generating biogas” while working with various plants in Victoria.

She’s even worked with the Gippsland Water Factory and Gippsland Water!

So her smarts are there, and so are her looks – so, are she and Matt the perfect match?

Chelsie’s photo on LinkedIn.

(Source: LinkedIn)

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