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EXCLUSIVE: Why Australian Survivor’s David Genat isn’t afraid to “pull the trigger” on his rivals

The resident villain is back to his old tricks in All Stars.
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Only six weeks passed between David Genat wrapping up on Survivor: Champions vs Contenders and returning to Fiji for All-Stars. But the sneaky supermodel wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It was an advantage to go straight back in, I didn’t switch out of the game mode,” David, 39, says.

“The game stays with you after you play, I didn’t feel like I left at all.”

David admits he never left “game mode”.

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And now that he’s back on the island, it hasn’t taken David long to get back to doing what he does best, playing the game and playing the players.

“I was trying to study the people who other players might see as bigger threats than me,” he explains.

“So I could then align with them, or use them to my advantage.”

First up was dual rugby international Mat Rogers.

“I had to pick someone, and everyone had strengths but Mat has the physical [strength] while also being a great strategist,” David says.

“I watched his season closely, the way he played and I knew I could align with him. ”

While Mat might be David’s biggest competition, he is also wary of the women on Survivor: All Stars.

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“This time I am more careful with the girls, like Brooke and Flick, I don’t want to get sucked into their ecosystem,” David says.

“I still pull the trigger when I needed to.”

Meanwhile, appearing in back-to-back seasons of Survivor has done wonders for David’s profile in Australia and the supermodel has decided to move back home after 17 years abroad.

“We moved back to Perth recently so the family is here now, my sons have been in Australia with my ex for the last eight years, but my daughter hasn’t lived here before,” David says.

“I’m thinking a bit ahead about what is next, I’ve had my eyes on TV for a while now I’ve been studying acting and it feels like the right time to do it.”

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Australian Survivor’s Mat Rogers reveals he ”wanted to shake things up.”

It’s the alliance we never could have predicted: The Godfather, Mat Rogers, and The Golden God, David Genat, join forces. But how long can these Vakama tribe members conspire with one another before one turns against the other?

“The position I’m in this time is a lot more fun,” Mat, 42, tells TV WEEK, “You’re not worried about who’s going to take you down, you’re worried about who you can take down.”

Mats alliance with David was part of his new strategy.

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David may be known for having one of the most conniving and strategic games on Survivor Australia, but it looks like he better watch his back!

The NRL legend reveals All-Stars is a completely different game, which required a new tactical approach.

“I wanted come back in and be more shrewd and ruthless,” Mat reveals.

“I had thoughts about [forming the alliance] from the start, it was tough to do knowing how he played his last game, but I needed to save someone in my alliance and trust him.”

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Mat and David’s covert friendship could become one of the show’s most dangerous.

“He likes playing the game as much as I do,” Mat says of the All-Star model, “If you can trust someone and be under the radar, it’s the perfect foil.”

If the strategy doesn’t pay off for the athlete, he says he’d happily return to Survivor for a third time.

“I’d do Survivor again, definitely – I love it,” Mat says with a laugh.

He also has the seal of approval from his 12-year-old daughter, Skyla.

“She misses me terribly when I’m away but I asked her, ‘Would you want me to do it a third time?’ And she said ‘Yeah!'”

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Locky for Bachelor 2020?

It’s Survivor’s latest island love story, with Locky Gilbert and Brooke Jowett falling head over heels for one another on Survivor: All-Stars.

But proving he is the ultimate game player, single man Locky is keeping his options open when it comes to finding his happily ever after.

Locky says he’d consider ditching the knife and going on The Bachelor.

(Image: Network Ten)

“If the opportunity came up to do The Bachelor, I’d definitely have to consider it,” Locky says.

And it turns out that Locky has had encouragement from a former Bachelor contestant!

“I was with Matty J recently and he reckons it was an amazing experience, so yeah I’d give it a crack for sure!”

Brooke, will you accept this rose?

Locky already has the suit for the job.

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