EXCLUSIVE: Australian Survivor’s Daisy hints a potential romance with fellow All-Star Locky was cut short after “shattering” blindside

''I think Locky’s my type of guy so who knows what would have happened?"

By Erin Doyle
The Australian Survivor castaways are wasting no time at all proving why they're All Stars.
It's only episode three but a whole lot of scheming and game playing meant that despite being early on in the piece, Tribal Council was rocked by one of its biggest shocks yet.
Two players used their hidden immunity idols – but not for themselves – and huge moves were made that ensured Daisy became the latest victim in the fallout.
Following her elimination, a devastated Daisy tells Now To Love why she's "shattered" and "shell-shocked" about her blindside, spills on her crush on tribemate Locky Gilbert and reveals why she doesn't catch up with her former partner-in-crime Shaun Hampson as much as you'd expect.
Daisy was voted out in a shock blindside. Image: Channel Ten
Tribal Council was such a shock tonight – two idols were played, you were blindsided – were you gutted when you realised it was you?
Absolutely, yeah. I could tell something was amiss that day but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. Especially thinking about that chat with Dave [Genat] and me at the well about him being worried that it was him. Because Dave's not an unconfident player, he's not an incompetent player. He would play from a point of dominance so that should have been a big warning sign for me and I didn't take it. Yeah so I was absolutely shell-shocked. I actually think I blacked out a little bit once it got hard to say goodbye. I don't even know if I said goodbye to everyone, I just remember walking out and feeling like my world had been shattered into a million pieces.
When did the penny drop that things weren't going to go your way?
The penny dropped as soon as Brooke played her idol for Dave and my name came out – that's when I knew I was going to be going home that night because obviously I'd watched [Mat Rogers] accurately play the idol for the person we were voting for so it was a little bit of too little too late.
"I was absolutely shell-shocked," says Daisy. Image: Channel Ten
In Tribal Council, Dave's acting skills came out to play when he was making shocked faces and later pretended he had no idea that was coming. Do you think he can keep up the façade or will that crumble around him?
No, I think Dave is playing a very good game this season. I think he made a mistake last season and knows now you can't come in and be the big dictator and tell people what to do. So at the moment he's doing that very well and if he can continue to do that, I'll be first proud girl when he wins.
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You and Mat Rogers exchanged heated words at Tribal Council – were you annoyed at the way he was playing the game or what was the deal with that?
No, I wasn't annoyed at Mat, I wasn't pissed off at the alliance or anything. I have a lot of time for Mat and he's my childhood hero and I think he's not a bad Survivor player. But there was a lot of sulking going on from the likes of Jacqui and Moana about supposedly not even giving them the time of day when that's a load of crap. I'd asked Jacqui to play with me in the first three days. She said "I don't want to go too hard too early" But guess what? It's All Stars! You have to go too hard too early because otherwise you miss the bus. I think she did miss the bus because I think she could have been in an alliance where she was on the top and she didn't take the opportunity.
It's only episode three but it seems like the gameplay and blindsides have started a lot earlier than they have in previous seasons. Is that something you felt while on the show?
Yeah, there's a saying that there's no such thing as an easy vote which I've never necessarily agreed with but in All Stars, it's absolutely 100% the truth. There is no such thing as an easy vote – everyone has come back because they're either a big player or a big character. So absolutely you needed to start early on because we've all been here before, we've seen people blindside and throw people's game up. It really is important from the get-go.
In a more light-hearted moment earlier in the episode, you, Brooke and Phoebe re-enacted The Bachelor with Locky. How did that moment come about?
Oh god, let me think about this answer. How did it come about? I think there were three single girls in an alliance and a very good-looking single guy so it only seemed natural to muck around. And it was so theatrical with AK playing Osher Gunsberg – it all played very nicely. Three good-looking chicks, one good-looking guy – it was a Channel Ten dream.
Brooke, Phoebe and Daisy all had a crush on Locky. Image: Channel Ten
Would you have made a move on Locky had you stayed in the game longer?
Shoulda, woulda, coulda! Only so much can happen in seven days so you can't live your life wondering about what ifs. I think Locky's my type of guy so who knows what would have happened?
Could have been true love – could have been like The Bachelor for real!
Well, there could be true love coming. There might be someone else in that little three!
Well, the rumours are that Brooke and Locky hook up – did you see a spark between those two?
Absolutely, yeah! Locky and Brooke are both challenge beasts so they've got a lot in common. And they're both awesome, hilarious people. They were definitely my snuggle buddies at night! So yeah, I saw a little bit go on.
Daisy hints "true love could be coming" between Brooke and Locky. Image: Network Ten
This time around, you didn't have Shaun Hampson who you were close to last season, how did the experience compare?
It wasn't that different. I didn't have Shaun but I had Locky so really I just traded one person for the other. The only difference was Locky was single. So that was probably another flaw in my gameplay, I went and partnered up with pretty much the exact same person as I did the last time around. I would have loved to have seen Shaun there but he's got two kids and a beautiful fiancée [Megan Gale] so I understand why he didn't come back out but it was a shame.
Did you two keep in touch much after filming wrapped?
Yeah, Shaun and I have kept in touch. He's not someone that I speak to regularly. The person I've been closest to after my season is definitely Matt Wahlberg and John [Eastoe]. I was stoked to see John on All Stars.
Did you ever get the chance to meet Shaun's fiancée Megan Gale?
No – well I'm up in Queensland and Shaun's in Victoria so we're not even in the same location.
Daisy and Shaun (centre) were close last season on Survivor. Image: Channel Ten
You were known to be a physical threat on Survivor and you looked so in shape during gameplay. What type of physical routines did you have to undertake to prepare for the show?
I'm a pretty athletic person normally. I walk 7km every day. I mix up my training from boxing, HIIT, weights and I've just started Pilates as well and some Crossfit here and there so yeah I like to mix it up to keep things interesting. You've got to shock the body otherwise you fall into too much of a routine and nothing changes. I worked my butt off going into Survivor and I worked my butt off going into All Stars and that's definitely paid off – the challenge last night showed that. It's always an honour to go up against these sports people but an even bigger honour to beat them.
You lost 4.2kg last time you were on. Did you lose much weight this season on the beans and rice diet even though you had a much shorter stint?
I didn't lose a thing this season [laughs]. When you're only on it for seven days, I think your body just thinks "what is going on?"
Who do you think will be the next one out on All Stars and who do you think will win?
I think it will be someone on the bottom of the tribe, so Henry or Michelle. And who do I think will win? I'd like to say Dave because then my sacrifice would have been worth it! I would have been the first jewel in his crown. I'd also like to see someone from my alliance win

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