EXCLUSIVE: David Genat says he almost died while filming Australian Survivor: All Stars

''I'm still walking, but only just!''

By Emma Shepherd
He's known as the Golden God, but the biffos and brutality that model David Genat suffers on Australian Survivor: All Stars prove he's mortal after all!
"It gets crazy rough out there," the returning star tells NW.
"I got a lot of injuries. I'm still walking, but only just," he said.
"The challenges were a lot more demanding physically. You've got elite athletes out there!
"Big units like Locky and Zach. They're out for the kill and they draw blood – literally. I should've had 'Don't touch the face' written into my contract."
NW sat down with David to get the tea on everything we wanted to know about his return to Survivor this year.
Finish these sentences: For my last meal on earth I would choose...
Steak and fries.
I wouldn't be able to survive without...
My family.
Why do you think you were chosen to return for this season?
Because I was the main hero of the season who played honestly and with valour.
What will be your strength in the competition?
I'll have an honest gameplay.
What is your Survivor game plan?
Find a trouble maker and use him as my meat shield!
Have you done any further training or planning compared to last time?
I'm doing way more eating than last time.
What are you most looking forward to?
Revenge. Pure and simple.
What are you least looking forward to?
Eating more rice again. I've had enough!
What have you sacrificed to take on this challenge again?
I've had to put my modelling on hold, but I wouldn't want to miss this opportunity.
David says he craves steak when he's in Survivor mode in Fiji. Channel 10
Who are you most hoping to also see return and why?
Sarah Tilleke from Season 2. I want to see models take over the world!
Who would you not like to see back on Survivor and why?
Baden. I love him but he drove me crazy out there last time!
Out of four seasons, who has been your favourite player and why?
Luke Toki – the king. He's funny and a troublemaker.
What is your biggest fear on Survivor?
Being the first one booted!
David says fan-favourite Luke is his favourite contestant. Channel 10
What can't you live without?
A comfy bed.
What food/indulgence will you miss the most?
Steaks and coffee.
What is the last meal you had/or are you going to have before leaving?
Steak and fries.
Apart from family, what will you miss the most while away?
My dog.
What's one thing people won't expect from you?
That I will tell the truth.
How do you prepare physically and mentally?
I did CrossFit, Jiu Jitsu to stay physically strong and meditation to stay mentally strong. I follow Wim Hof as well and will use that too.
Do you feel more prepared this season?
Not at all!

Has your way of playing changed to last time?
Not really, I think I'll play smarter and quieter but not a lot.
Do you intend to fly under the radar?
I don't think I can do that.
Do you intend to make big moves?
Absolutely, that's what Survivor is all about!
How will you try to ensure you don't get blindsided?
I'll have a spy network to keep an eye out for me.
WATCH BELOW: Survivor star David Genat talks about his family. Story continues after video.
What would you do with the prize money?
I'd put it towards my kids' educations, a holiday and maybe a new motorcycle.
Do you think you can win and why?
Yes! I can win and I think it's because other players will be scared of me so I can use that to my advantage.
Apart from winning, what are your biggest goals for being a part of the show?
Total domination! I want to make big moves from start to finish.

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