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EXCLUSIVE: Beau Ryan speaks about being separated from his family while filming The Amazing Race

Plus, he reveals why he didn't think this season would happen.
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Last year, The Amazing Race Australia looked a little bit different. Instead of galavanting all over the world, filming took place on Aussie soil, highlighting the many amazing places our country had to offer. But now that international travel is back on the cards, the series is going back to its global roots.

“I didn’t think it was going to happen,” host Beau Ryan, 37, tells TV WEEK. I started to mentally prepare for another Australian season, as there were so many great spots around Australia we didn’t get to last season.

“So when I got the call saying we were going overseas, it was a bit of a surprise – especially after the last few years we’ve had.”

“When I got the call saying we were going overseas, it was a bit of a surprise,” Beau said.

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Although travel is one of Beau’s greatest passions, hosting the show is anything but a holiday.

“To get to travel to those places I’d always wanted to go, I had a lot of pinch me moments but I always have to be one day ahead of the race so I’m always on the move,” he shares.

“I think out of the two months we shot, I had two days off. But whenever I get to a country, I try the coffee, the food and do my best to immerse myself in the traditions.”

“I think out of the two months we shot, I had two days off,” Beau said.

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For the former NRL player, hosting the show means two months away from his wife, Kara, and his two kids Remi, nine, and Jesse, four. While it’s difficult being separated by land and sea, he uses the opportunity to teach his kids about other cultures.

“We live in Cronulla, Sydney and my kids think it’s the only place on earth. It’s good to show them how differently people live, especially in countries that aren’t as fortunate as us,” he explains.

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“The countries we were in this year were great because my kids have never been to any of them. I usually go to the market when we’ve finished a pitstop, and I’ll get something from the local kids to bring home.

“I also get a lot of videos from local kids too to send to my kids too.”

The Amazing Race Australia premieres Monday to Wednesday, August 29 to 31, 7.30pm, Channel 10

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