EXCLUSIVE: Beau Ryan opens up about his parenting style … “It’s my daughter and I versus the world”

The former rugby league player reveals it's not all a walk in the park...
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When it comes to children, experiencing highs and lows are part and parcel.

But for footy player turned TV and radio presenter Beau Ryan, he’s experiencing the full spectrum.

In a candid chat with Now To Love, Beau has come clean about his parenting techniques – and it’s not all tries and conversions.

Beau Ryan is learning a lot when it comes to parenting. (Image: Instagram / @therealbeauryan)

“My kids are completely different to each other,” he tells Now To Love.

“My boy is like me – he’s a bit crazy, but my daughter is quite chilled and calm. It tends to be my daughter and I versus the world.”

There’s no denying it – Ryan, 33, said he has loved spending some quality time with his daughter, Remi, during the summer holidays, but there are some limits.

“I lay with [my daughter] every night until she goes to sleep, but it’s turned into a bit of a game of mission impossible. Once she’s asleep, you have to try and sneak out of the room without making any noise.”

It sounds simple, but Beau is adamant that it’s not.

“Shes got a bunk bed that you’ve got to climb across like Ninja Warrior over the top of the bed, and if she wakes up, then you’ve got to start again,” he laughs.

“Looking back I wish I got her into a routine when she was younger.”

The former footballer and his daughter Remi have a very close bond. (Image: Instagram / @therealbeauryan)

The radio host has been enjoying as much quality time as he can squeeze into his hectic schedule with six-year-old Remi, and his one-year-old son, Jesse.

Beau has numerous TV gigs – he hosted Sunday Night Takeaway with Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris, along with The Amazing Race, and he has been busy filling in as a radio host on KIIS.

But fitting it all in has been made possible with the help of his wife, Kara.

“My wife is a rock. If I’m out early or out late I come home the kids are already down and she keeps everything in order at home and that makes it so much easier for me,” he says.

Beau and wife Kara are a proving to be a parenting force to be reckoned with. (Image: Instagram / @therealbeauryan)

And that also hasn’t stopped Beau from enjoying the simple activities with his young family – including a quick game on the PlayStation.

“I get addicted to everything, whether it’s coffee or gaming, so I love playing the PlayStation… and my daughter is really addicted to it too,” he explains.

It’s this, more than anything else the digital gaming platform provides that brings Beau the most joy.

“Just to see the look on her face when she plays it, that’s what I’m into at the moment.”

While some might see a PlayStation as an unappealing summer activity that confines one to the indoors, Beau says it has its benefits.

“Being in Sydney, we obviously enjoy the early mornings outside, especially in the holidays – but when it gets really hot I like to get the kids out of the sun and out of the heat.”

A self-professed gamer, Beau loves seeing his children get just as much joy out of a child-friendly PlayStation game. (Image: Instagram / @therealbeauryan)

And as Remi prepares to head back to school this year, Beau is also gearing up for a big year, with a host of broadcast gigs sure to keep him busy.

In fact, after hearing him frequent the radio airwaves as a fill-in on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O, it looks like the hosting gig could become more permanent.

“I love it there, I’m actually permanently on standby with them now,” he says.

With plenty of banter to be shared, Beau also loves working on the show because it allows him to clear up any unwanted whispers circling about his personal life.

“Things [like rumours] come up all the time and in the industry and I just get on with it. The good thing about live radio is you get to shut it down straight away.”

Beau Ryan has teamed up with PlayStation Australia to help players #PlayItCool this summer. Head over to PlayStation Australia’s social channels to find out how you can win prizes.

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