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EXCLUSIVE: Ali Oetjen reveals the impact SAS Australia had on her devastating break up with Taite Radley

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Ali Oetjen is a force to be reckoned with – just a brief look at her efforts on reality TV show SAS Australia will prove as much.

But beneath her tough exterior is a person who’s been through a lot.

After her whirlwind journey on The Bachelorette and a two year relationship with winner Taite Radley, the 34-year-old announced their break-up just a few months ago.

Break-ups are always tough to process, but Ali decided to channel her energy into something a little different – which brings us to the shocking new reality TV show.

Woman’s Day sat down with Ali to hear about how it all went down.

Woman’s Day: Ali! You’re no stranger to reality TV. How did SAS Australia compare to The Bachelorette?

Ali: The Bachelorette, while it was fun, was extremely taxing on my emotions and my mental strength. SAS was very different in the sense that it was a test of your resilience, mental, physical and emotional strength. To be honest, it was like no other experience I’ve ever had!

Your first forays into reality TV were to find love. Did SAS offer that opportunity, too?

Absolutely not! There is no love in SAS – there’s really only self-love and self-exploration.

Coming out of this, I feel like I can do anything. I just feel so strong and empowered because I know that my mind is the only thing that can ever hold me back!

Ali (pictured left next to Candice Warner) had an experience like no other on SAS.

(Channel Seven)

Looking back, do you have any regrets?

I wish starting out I had a stronger mindset. During the course, I was really trying to get focused and I wish I had that right mind frame to begin with because I had a tough time before the show, but no regrets going in. I did my absolute best.

You’ve recently been through a public break-up with your ex Taite Radley (pictured above). How are you feeling now?

I have my good days and my bad days. Each day I am healing but I still have my bad days. I wish it wasn’t like that, I wish I wasn’t hurting but I am! I just hope that there are more good days ahead.

Was it tough being heartbroken and going on SAS?

It was certainly a good distraction and in saying that, going into SAS I didn’t get nervous – there wasn’t a huge build-up and anticipation for me because I wasn’t really thinking about it.

You’ve had two attempts at finding love on TV. Now that you’re single again, would you give it another shot?

I am definitely not doing another love show, ever! I just want to focus on my wellness journey and keep on inspiring people in that industry.

Ali processed her breakup with Taite while starring on SAS.


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