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Who is SAS Australia’s ruthless leader Ant Middleton behind his tough TV personality? All the inside details

The UK-born soldier has quite the story himself.
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To say that SAS Australia has left a lasting impression on Australian audiences would be an understatement.

The gruelling scenes of A to D list Aussie celebs trying their hand at some of the tasks and challenges posed to secret service personel is nothing short of shocking.

But in a confronting catch, there’s one bloke there to normalise the harrowing scenarios – Ant Middleton, an ex-army recruit and tough-as-boots directing staffer (DS).

Ant doesn’t take any crap – that much is very clear.

From the get-go, the 41-year-old took a no-holds-barred approach with the 17 Aussie celebs who dared to come onto the show.

But beneath his tough exterior, is there a softer side to Ant? We decided to take a look at the man behind the camera.

Who is Ant Middleton from SAS Australia?

Ant Middleton is a 41-year-old former member of the British Army, having served between 1998 and 2002.

He also served in the Royal Marines between 2005 and 2012.

That means he’s no stranger to the challenges and tasks posed to service men and women.

Despite moving out of the armed forces and into the TV spotlight, Ant’s work ethic remains intact, permeating every aspect of his life.

“I try to be professional in everything I do,” he told TV WEEK. “Professional at work, a professional father, a professional husband.”

And with five kids with his wife Emilie, Ant certainly has his hands full.

Ant (left) is currently starring on SAS Australia as a directing staffer.

(Image: Instagram)

Who is Ant Middleton’s family?

Ant is married to wife Emilie Middleton, with the pair sharing five children.

Speaking to The Sun, Emilie revealed she met Ant in 2004 while she was working in a bar in Essex. They married in 2006.

Ant served while Emilie raised the children, but eventually he came home to spend more time with his family.

“I was quite selfish and put my career first for a long time, but I wanted to spend more time at home,” he previously said.

Ant also told TV WEEK: “I could say, ‘I’ve been at work all day – leave me alone’, which, unfortunately, most parents do. But to me, this is where your work starts.

“I have bad days, of course, but I have a mindset where everything I’ve chosen to do I give 110 per cent.”

Ant has been married to Emilie since 2006.

(Image: Instagram)

What else has Ant Middleton been in?

Ant is already a very familiar face in the UK, having hosted SAS: Who Dares Wins, which is the equivalent to our new revamped version down under.

He also has a whopping one million followers on Instagram, where he describes himself as an “extreme adventurer, leader and positive thinker.”

Now he’s the face of SAS: Australia’s DS team and we can’t get enough.

What else has Ant done?

As well as starring on the hit TV series, Ant is an author in his own right.

He has released three books based on his life experiences and pursuing a positive mental mindset.

In 2018 he released First Man In: Leading From The Front.

In 2019, he then released The Fear Bubble.

In 2020, he debuted another book named Zero Negativity, which aims to inspire readers to become the best version of themselves and to live life with zero negativity.

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Who is SAS Australia’s ruthless leader Ant Middleton behind his tough TV personality? All the inside details

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