A writer, an artist and... a dancer? Inside the unique life of convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby

The 43-year-old is still surprising us.

By Jess Pullar
Schapelle Corby became one of Australia's most infamous names back in 2005, after she was convicted of drug smuggling charges in Bali.
But it wasn't just the landmark court case that's continued to propel Schapelle into the spotlight.
After she became a household name following the drug smuggling charges which landed her in a Bali prison, despite vehemently denying the allegations, Schapelle has certainly lived a life full of twists and turns.
Since she was released from prison, served her parole and returned to Australia, Schapelle has continued to make heads turn with her public profile, which she's made no effort to hide.
With a public Instagram account, it's possible to see exactly what the Aussie is up to - and her latest update might just prick up your ears.
After joining the cast of SAS Australia (and giving it a red hot go gaining popularity in the process) Schapelle is now joining the new All-Star cast of Dancing With The Stars for 2021.
She joins the likes of ex-Bachelor Matty J, Home and Away icon Bec Hewitt and former cricket WAG Kyly Clarke.
But before we delve into everything the dancing show is promising to be, we decided to take a quick retrospective at Schapelle's life these days - and how she's come from being imprisoned, to starring on a prime time TV show.