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A writer, an artist and… a dancer? Inside the unique life of convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby

The 46-year-old is still surprising us.
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Schapelle Corby became one of Australia’s most infamous names back in 2005, after she was convicted of drug smuggling charges in Bali.

But it wasn’t just the landmark court case that’s continued to propel Schapelle into the spotlight.

After she became a household name following the drug smuggling charges which landed her in a Bali prison, despite vehemently denying the allegations, Schapelle has certainly lived a life full of twists and turns.

Since she was released from prison, served her parole and returned to Australia, Schapelle has continued to make heads turn with her public profile, which she’s made no effort to hide.

With a public Instagram account, it’s possible to see exactly what the Aussie is up to – and her latest update might just prick up your ears.

After joining the cast of SAS Australia (and giving it a red hot go gaining popularity in the process) Schapelle joined the new All-Star cast of Dancing With The Stars in 2021.

But before we delve into everything the dancing show is promising to be, we decided to take a quick retrospective at Schapelle’s life these days – and how she’s come from being imprisoned, to starring on a prime time TV show.



It all started with that return to Australia after being contained in a Bali prison, before serving her parole there. She uploaded this snap in 2017 with her sister along with the caption: “Almost at the airport..”



And then, it happened. Schapelle boarded a plane and returned to Australia for the first time in over a decade.



She quickly settled back into life in Australia, telling her Instagram following of her joy in being amongst the “crisp clean air.”



Schapelle started dating Ben Panangian after reportedly meeting him in 2006 while she was in prison in Bali. She’s shared several candid pictures with him over the years after her return to Australia.



Including this, um, unusual photo. Yep, that’s Ben’s foot apparently, which Schapelle famously shared alongside the hashtag “#imstillwearingthesmileyougaveme”.


Foot 2

Just in case you weren’t already alarmed, she shared more of the strange moment in a picture collage, telling her fans: “Because You Love It So Much – Here’s The Sequence.”



Schapelle has also written two books, the first in 2006 named My Story: Schapelle Corby, and another in 2008 called No More Tomorrows: The Compelling True Story of an Innocent Woman Sentenced to Twenty Years in a Hellhole Bali Prison.



Along with writing, Schapelle is a keen artist. She has started selling her own work (painted clocks) via eBay and Instagram. You can’t deny her artistic talent here.


Art 2

“Middle Aged Woman With A New Passion,” she wrote of her artwork alongside this candid snap.



In 2019, Schapelle hopped aboard the Ten year Challenge craze by sharing these two side by side photos and writing: “Been a rough-trot. Better now.”



She’s certainly living her best wholesome family life these days. In July, she shared a series of pics from her 43rd birthday dinner, surrounded by her nearest and dearest.

(Channel Seven)


In 2020, Schapelle joined a host of Aussie celebs on the show SAS Australia, which tested her physically and mentally in a way she’s never quite experienced before. While she didn’t last long in the course (Nick Cummins and Erin McNaught were among those to last the majority of the distance), she gained popularity for her no-frills attitude and ability to so willingly step outside her comfort zone on TV.

(Channel Seven)

Dancing with the stars Schapelle

Schapelle took another big leap into the TV abyss in 2021. She joined the All-Star cast of Dancing With The Stars Australia, to be will be one of several wild cards attempting to come out on top of veteran champions including Ada Nicodemou and Bec Hewitt.

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Schapell Corby breaks down on SAS Australia


46th birthday

Schapelle’s signature dark locks have been transformed to copper just in time to celebrate her 46th birthday.

“Happy Birthday to Me,” she wrote on Instagram.

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