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The Bachelorette Ali's biggest scandals to date

Starting with THAT trip to LA.

After having her heart broken as the second runner-up on Tim Robards' The Bachelor season in 2013, and again since exiting paradise in 2018's Bachelor in Paradise, Ali Oetjen has certainly been the talk of the town.
Now, the 32-year-old from South Australia is taking part in the search of her life as the newest Bachelorette.
While the blonde bombshell has a soft and lovely demeanour, it hasn't stopped her from causing a little bit of a raucous when it comes to her private life.
Now to Love investigates Ali's biggest scandals on the road to love.
Ali Oetjen has faced some questionable rumours since becoming the Bachelorette. Source: Network Ten.

The Grant Kemp cheating scandal

Back in May, just days after the announcement was made that Ali would be Australia's newest Bachelorette, the direct sales manager was accused of cheating on her Bachelor In Paradise beau Grant Kemp.
According to Woman's Day, Grant and Ali broke up because of the proposition of a 'threesome'.
"Ali travelled to LA to see him after the show, because she was considering moving there and really thought it was going to work out," a source says.
"But he tried to make her have a threesome with one of his mates and so she got scared and came running home."
But after the news broke, Grant came out swinging and accused Ali of cheating on him with his housemate.
Ali Oetjen was accused of cheating on Grant Kemp. Source: Network Ten.
The reports were then confirmed by a close friend of the American Bachelor, despite previous reports Ali had broken up with the model because he propositioned her for a threesome.
"He said Ali only dated him for fame, because he has a bigger profile [in the US]. I didn't think it made any sense at the time but I guess now she's going to become the Bachelorette, it makes sense she wanted to stay on the show."
According to the friend, despite Ali grovelling to Grant for forgiveness, the 30-year-old dumped her as soon as he found out, telling everyone he puts "d--ks before chicks" and that he's still close friends with Misha, the mate who did the dirty on him.
As Grant continued to throw the punches, Ali was inundated with hate.
She was branded a cheater and a liar, as thousands of fans even demanded she have the opportunity to look for love on the show revoked.
Ali and Grant's Bachelor In Paradise co-stars appear to be less than impressed by the shock rumours.
In messages posted on the contestants' group chat page, Florence said she was "speechless".
Meanwhile Lisa Hyde – who broke up with Luke McLeod after he cheated on her after Paradise – sniped, "Ali and Luke should hook up and cheat on each other."
The text messages speak for themselves...
Text messages between Bachelor in Paradise stars all but confirmed the rumours.
Speaking to NW, Ali responded to the claims and said that behind the scenes, her whole world was falling apart.
"I was physically, mentally and emotionally broken," she reveals, confessing that that period of her life was one of the darkest ever. "But I knew I would never give up on love."
"We all have those exes that don't go away, do we?" she said. "Definitely without a doubt, Grant was a waste of my time. He just wasn't the person he said he was. And yes, it was disappointing and crushing, but I learnt from this."
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The plastic surgery that changed Ali's life

While Ali certainly has an enviable figure, much of that can be put down to gruelling work-outs and a healthy diet.
However, while the 'healthy lifestyle motivator' clearly works hard to maintain her incredible physique, she previously confirmed to TV WEEK that she'd undergone a breast augmentation.
Despite hints from her Paradise co-stars, Ali is adamant she hasn't used cosmetic procedures to enhance her facial features.
Talking to OK! Ali responded to the cosmetic surgery speculation and "denied having Botox and lip fillers".
When the fitness guru was pressed about the Botox allegations again during a visit to HIT105, Ali cryptically said: "I hadn't even had Botox in my forehead before."
"Maybe my face isn't moving cause I'm not reacting to the [other Bachie] girls' comment," she quipped.
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Just last week, Ali opened up to The Sunday Telegraph about going under the knife.
"My boobs were not money well spent," she said. "If I had my time over, I would not have gotten them done.
"When I got them done, I did it for someone else. I thought it would make them happy.
"I have also had my lips done, ages ago, and won't do it again. I would only ever have plastic surgery again to get my breast implants removed. I do not like my boobs."
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Ali's relationship breakdown with David Waldeck

Before falling for Grant, the former real estate agent announced she was engaged to David Waldeck in July 2015 . The pair parted ways before she filmed Bachelor in Paradise.
However, Ali insists she does not regret her public break-ups.
"I'm truly an independent woman who knows what she wants and who she is," she says when asked how she's changed since first appearing on our screens.
As for what we can expect from her season of The Bachelorette, the self-dubbed "Healthy Lifestyle Motivator" says she hopes viewers see her for "just as I am."
"I'm hoping I'm portrayed as…outgoing, fun, friendly, loving and adventurous," she told TV WEEK.
Ali was engaged to David Waldeck in 2015 and privately broke up. Image: Instagram

Zoo magazine and the X-Rated Helicopter ride

At the age of 19, Ali starred in Zoo magazine and revealed one of her "sauciest" secrets.
Speaking to the publication, she told them of an X-rated helicopter ride she had enjoyed with a past boyfriend.
"I was in a helicopter with my boyfriend last year and I wanted to see what it was like to do it at altitude. So we went for it," she said.
"It was a joy flight, so it was just us, but we had to cut things short because the pilot was getting a bit distracted. It's a wonder the thing didn't crash. But it was still awesome."
"Next time, I'll make sure the pilot can't see us, and then we can make a proper go of it. I'd have to say that I prefer to do it on the ground though," she added.

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