Bachelor in Paradise

Threesomes, steamy showers and a love rat: The most explosive Bachelor in Paradise secrets

Forget Fiji - away from Paradise is where the drama really unfolds!

Bachelor in Paradise is supposed to give your favourite Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects a second chance at love.
But this year's season is shaping up to be filled with drama, from cheating, heartbreak and feuds - here are the most explosive Bachelor in Paradise secrets...

Luke McLeod does the dirty on Lisa Hyde

They've been one of the strongest couples on the show from the get-go but insiders tell us Lisa Hyde and Luke McLeod's relationship hit the skids after they left Paradise and he hooked up with another girl!
"Apparently Luke slept around on Lisa and she found out," spills our insider.
Lisa is said to be gutted over Luke's betrayal.
"She was so upset that she retreated to London and Paris, to try and heal from the pain of it all."
But things got awkward when after a boozy night out Lisa started posting some private stuff about Luke to the contestants' group chat page.
"Everyone felt really awkward about it being so public, especially as Luke was so apologetic!"
BELOW: Luke and Lisa's feud revealed via group chat!

Ali Oetjen is headed for heartbreak once more

Within minutes of his arrival Daniel Maguire ruffled feathers in Paradise – but it appears it's his mate and fellow intruder Grant Kemp the girls need to be wary of.
As well as claims that the San Francisco based firefighter is a serial womaniser, we can exclusively reveal his short-lived romance with Ali Oetjen has since come to an end since filming wrapped – because he demanded a threesome!
"Ali travelled to LA to see him after the show, because she was considering moving there and really thought it was going to work out," a source says.
"But he tried to make her have a threesome with one of his mates and so she got scared and came running home."
It's not the first time Grant's has found himself in hot water with women. He allegedly dumped his reality TV producer girlfriend Jen Green to appear on The Bachelorette in 2016 to compete for the heart of JoJo Fletcher, who bears a striking resemblance to his ex.
"The creepiest part is that Grant met all the Bachelor producers through Jen over the summer while she was working with them on a different dating show," a friend revealed.
What's more shocking is Grant had also been engaged to someone else when he met Jen, and left a previous ex to be with that former fiancée.
Ali is headed for heartbreak with Grant.
"Long before his most recent ex and his previous engagement he was an unemployed EMT student selling steroids in the Bay Area," one of his previous girlfriend's claimed.
"Cheated on me left and right and left me for someone he ended up getting engaged to, obviously that didn't work. He is scum of the earth and a pathological liar."
Just months after Grant's stint on The Bachelorette, he decided to compete on Bachelor in Paradise US where he proposed to Lace Morris after just a few weeks.
The couple called off the engagement a few months later.
And it seems things haven't improved since his last stint on TV - his current co-stars aren't too taken with him either.
"He's as fake as them come," Keira Maguire tells us.
"Don't be fooled by his nice guy behaviour. That guy is on a mission, and it's not a nice one. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him!"
Watch out, Ali: "He's as fake as them come!"

Kicked off… by producers!

One Bachelorette flees the island in the middle of the night this week – but while the unlucky-in-love star is thought to leave on her own accord we're told producers gave her no option.
"She wasn't giving them what they wanted," we're told.
"While she wanted to stay on the show to see if she eventually clicked with someone, producers were making it really difficult for her, so in the end she felt she had no option but to leave."
While we don't want to give away any spoilers, we do know Laurina has struggled to find a connection in Paradise.
Meanwhile, Nina and Eden are yet to take their relationship to the next level…

Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic's steamy shower romp!

After getting off to a slow and unexpected start, Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic' have certainly been making up for lost time when it comes to their relationship – with insiders claiming the pair were "at it like rabbits" on the island!
"Both Sam and Tara would openly brag to the others about what they'd got up to the night before and didn't hold back on the details. Tara would joke she and Sam had been 'clapping' in the shower the night before," says a source.
Let's hope their roommates had earplugs!
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The real reason behind Simone Ormesher and Elora Murger's feud

They were joined at the hip on Matty J's season of The Bachelor but this week will see Simone Ormesher and Elora Murger at loggerheads as they fight for the same suitor.
But Paradise rivalry aside, our source says the pair fell out long before they arrived in Fiji.
"Elora and Simone actually stopped talking after they spent a few days together in Sydney," spills our insider.
"Simone was staying at Elora's house and slept with a guy they both liked, in Elora's bed of all places! She also acted like an ungrateful brat the whole time and treated the place like a pigsty," says our source.
Former friends Simone (L) and Elora (R) have a huge falling out.

Sam’s big secret

He may be short in stature but Bachelor in Paradise star Sam Cochrane is said to be the 'largest' on the island.
"Sam is extremely well-endowed!" spilled not one but two Bachelorette co-stars, adding "whoever he ends up with is a very lucky girl!
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"Sam is extremely well-endowed!"

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