Neighbours spoilers: Could fleeing a crime scene be his final act?

Haz run over.

In an awful moment, Haz, while trying to make a citizen’s arrest of the online hacker who’s been out to destroy his life, is accidentally run down by a car driven by his girlfriend Mackenzie, who’s out looking for him.

This week in Neighbours, Haz (Shiv Palekar) is in over his head with his deal with Wade (Stephen Phillips), a shady friend from his criminal past.

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Wade has blackmailed Haz into continuing their schemes, threatening to destroy Mackenzie’s (Georgie Stone) career prospects if he doesn’t. 

When Byron (Xavier Molyneux), Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall) and Mackenzie get word of what Haz is up to, they insist he turn himself in to the authorities. But knowing what going against Wade would mean, he chooses a life of delinquency instead. 

“Haz leaves [town] because he’s let all this go too far,” Shiv tells TV WEEK. “He knows Wade will go after Mackenzie with everything he’s got, and he can’t let that happen. He’s kept enough from her and now he’s hoping to make things right.” 

Haz is now on the run and holed up, put to work on grubby schemes by Wade. Meanwhile Mackenzie, at home confused, miserable and missing her partner, remembers a note Wade gave her on a notepad – could this be a clue to Haz’s whereabouts?

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When she gives what she knows to the police, shockingly, they don’t act. And when her impatience becomes too much, Mackenzie, with Karl (Alan Fletcher) as support, drives to where she thinks Haz is. But, in a cruel twist, Mackenzie accidentally crashes into him as he’s in pursuit of Wade. 

“Who knows what happened in Haz’s head when he got hit?” Shiv says. “All he knows is he sees Mackenzie and is confused; he’s not sure what’s real or fake. He feels his heart surge and then everything goes dark. You can decide what that heart surge means.” 

Will the badly injured Haz survive?

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