The demands campmates agreed to in their contracts on I’m A Celebrity 2024

Cash, contra and secret contracts!
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Battling the elements and eating bugs isn’t the only challenge this year’s competitors signed up for on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!.

A TV insider reveals the stars’ contracts this season have never been stricter – and they certainly have to sing for their supper!

The celebrities’ contracts are stricter than ever before, (Image: Channel 10)


The fact that the celebs start opening up once they’re in the jungle isn’t by accident.

“Every celebrity in the cast has a previous backstory that makes them a household name. What viewers tune in for are their untold stories. Who have they worked with? Who didn’t they get along with? Their thoughts on public figures,” says the source.

Candice Warner, 39, signed on the dotted line to talk about her husband, cricket great David, 37 – from their day-to-day marriage to embarrassing stories! “Close friends were rolling on the ground laughing when she mentioned he likes to do his business with the door open,” shares the spy.

According to the source, Aussie icon Denise Drysdale agreed to speak about her impressive list of co-stars including the late Ernie Sigley and Daryl Somers.

“Denise has been on television since she was a child,” says the insider. “What Ding Dong has seen in her career could have filled two autobiographies by now, and this is the closest we will ever get to her talking unfiltered.”

And, of course, Khanh Ong, 31, will need to share about his time on MasterChef Australia with the late Jock Zonfrillo.

“Khanh did two seasons with Jock and he has a lot of opinions on the judges and co-stars,” says the insider. “Expect him to be quite ruthless on both Australian Survivor and Masterchef Australia co-stars.”

After all, being opinionated is what helped them all score the gig in the first place!

The choppers are out! (Image: Instagram)


The budget for the bigger stars’ pay cheques was slim-lined this year – and it wasn’t the only cost cutting. “The challenges and stunts are also being downsized,” says the source. “Only a few years ago, the show opened with celebrities bungee jumping out of helicopters. Gone are planes and helicopters, which have been a staple in the launch episodes.”

In fact, shares the insider, “I’d say the safety officers are paid more than most of the challenges cost to build. That is where the money is really going.”


In the second season of I’m A Celeb in 2016, Shane Warne famously negotiated the opportunity to smoke while he was in the jungle. The former cricketer wasn’t willing to kick the habit, and he managed to get Ten to build a specialised smoking area not far from camp.

“That started a chain reaction,” according to the source, “and other celebs were wanting the same deal, congregating in the smoker’s yard and not being available on camera”.

The spot was scrapped and celebs are expected to quit smoking and vaping.

“You miss the best conversations with an out-of-bounds area,” says the spy. “And producers were noticing juicy stories being shared, which would have made magic TV.”

Smokes are out and vitamin-filled concoctions are in! (Image: Channel 10)


Booze is also out!

In the weeks leading up to the experience, Denise cut alcohol out of her diet with the help of a medical practitioner.

And in the jungle, the 75-year-old will be tossing back a specialised shake instead! “It’s packed with important vitamins but is quite filling,” shares the insider.

“The former Studio Ten host will still appear to lose some weight throughout her stay but it will be more controlled.”

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