Farmer Joe was “overwhelmed” by all the “beautiful women” on Farmer Wants A Wife

Who has caught his eye?
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Since gracing the screen on Farmer Wants A Wife 2024, Farmer Joe has stolen a considerable amount of hearts across Australia – all the while trying to find someone who will in turn, steal his.

Joe, 33, is a cattle and sheep farmer from Bombala, New South Wales, dreaming of restoring his family farm back to its full potential.

Joe is looking for someone “beautiful inside and out.”
(Image: Seven)

Despite his “cheeky” and “playful” personality, Joe has been unlucky in love – FWAW to the rescue! In the beginning, eight girls were vying for the farmer’s heart, but surprisingly, no one stood out amongst the crowd.

“I was pretty overwhelmed,” Joe told TV WEEK.

“I met so many beautiful women and they were all so genuine and nice that there wasn’t anyone [who stood out.] Every time I saw someone I’d be like ‘oh, they’re great,’ ‘wow she’s great too’,” he laughed.

Joe is on the hunt for someone “beautiful inside and out, is strong and independent, knows what she wants and is content with who she is.” Did Joe find his dream girl?

Joe did find friendship in FWAW.
(Image: Seven)

In the second week there appears to be a clear favourite for Joe, who admitted he felt jealousy coming from the other girls. But who could this “pretty hot connection” be with?

“She really caught my attention and took my breath away a little bit,” he told TV WEEK. “We had very similar senses of humor, she’s obviously a very beautiful girl, and I felt really comfortable and connected.”

Unfortunately for Joe, he gets caught in an uncomfortable spot as his girls “definitely voiced” their jealousy at stages.

As the girls fight for one farmer’s heart, there is bound to be some friendly competition. But in an experience unlike any other, Farmer Joe has found friendship with the other four farmers.

“The only people that can really relate and understand what’s going on is the other farmers. I made great friendships with them, and sometimes you just need to have a laugh, have a joke and hear about how Dean stuffed his tractor up,” Joe laughed.

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