Farmer Joe has found his soulmate in Sarah on FWAW 2024

“I’m looking for someone who doesn’t need me, but who wants me."
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In the Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 finale, Farmer Joe expressed his love for Sarah, who donned a stunning yellow dress – just like the one she wore when they first met.

“This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made,” Joe admitted. “I love the person you are. I love how strong and determined you are.”

“It hasn’t always been easy with us. We’ve had some tough times. I’ve sometimes felt that you’ve pulled away. But I also know that you can be a shy person and take your time to get to know people.

“I also like that you challenge me. I don’t have all the answers for us, but I do see myself falling for you in the future. I want to tackle the future with you by my side, and us as a team.

“I’m looking for someone who doesn’t need me, but who wants me,” he added before asking Sarah to return to the farm with him which was a no brainer for her.

Unfortunately, this meant Farmer Joe had to softly let down his other potential suitor, Keely who was disheartened by the rejection.

“I was definitely hoping for a different outcome. It will take a moment to be okay, but I have been here before, so I know I will be okay. It is disappointing because I’m not his person,” she said.

However, many FWAW fans took to the comment section of the official Farmers Australia Instagram account to share their congratulations including former contestant Claire.

“Congratulations, you two fabulous humans! I was incredibly lucky to witness firsthand your beautiful love story unfold. The natural connection you shared from early on was undeniable to me, and being around you both, I could see how wonderful a couple you could be,” she wrote.

So are Farmer Joe and Sarah still together? Yes! The pair confirmed their relationship status during the reunion episode.

Unfortunately it hasn’t been an easy journey for Joe and Sarah, as the farmer admitted they “didn’t get off to a great start” as they learnt more and more of the finer details about each other.

Joe described it as less of a “honeymoon period” and more of a “sugar crash,” adding “weren’t seeing eye to eye, butting heads a bit.”

But when host Samantha Armytage asked if the farmer had “found his wife,” Joe simply suggested fans: “watch this space.”

And we have been! Now, a eager eyed fan has spotted a ring on Sarah’s wedding finger in a video shared to Instagram. In the video, Sarah played the guitar and sung a new song which she doesn’t quite “have a name for” yet.

Sarah has a ring on her finger! Is she engaged?
(Image: Instagram)

“Is that an engagement ring???” one commented.

Another fan wrote: “I spy with my little eye a pretty ring on your finger xxx”

Could Joe and Sarah be engaged or is it an accident? As of writing, the pair have not confirmed or denied fan theories.

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