Wentworth fans react to last night's DEVASTATING shock death

“She deserved better!”

By Tina Burke
WARNING! This article contains spoilers for Wentworth Season 7, Episode 4.
Last night's episode of Wentworth left viewers in complete shock, as another fan-favourite bit the dust in a HORRIFYING fashion.
Like many of the prison's other Top Dogs - Bea Smith, Jacqueline "Jacs" Holt and Joan "The Freak" Ferguson - Kaz Proctor was brutally attacked and left for dead in last night's episode.
Kaz, played by the wonderful Tammy MacIntosh, was grabbed from behind by a mystery assailant and her throat was slit.
Fans were shocked by the horrifying attack on Kaz.
Kaz fell to the floor where she bled out and, in what fans assume was her final moment, traced an 'M' in the blood. Does this mean Marie (Susie Porter) was the attacker?
Time will tell as the news of this shock death takes over the prison but, for now, fans are busy mourning the loss of their beloved Kaz.
"I'm not crying.. You are!" wrote one fan on Twitter. "Kaz Proctor deserved better!"
"I literally screamed at the end of that episode," wrote another. "I have been crying for about 20 minutes since. Can't believe some bloody bitch killed Kaz!"
TV WEEK reader Billy Zane commented on our post, saying they were "crushed" by the incredible episode.
"During that scene I literally was hand over face and felt empty! This show has a fine way of having you sit back comfy in the lounge one minute and then be sitting on the edge the next!"
Scroll through to see some of the best reactions to the episode...
One thing's for sure, we can't WAIT for next week's episode to see what happens next.
Wentworth airs Tuesday, 8:30pm, on FOX Showcase.

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