'80s TV show Aerobics Oz Style is returning to our screens to gift us the perfect nostalgic isolation workout

Grab your lycra!

By Maddison Hockey
Dust off your leotards and leg warmers because the hit '80s workout show Aerobics Oz Style is making a comeback.
And what better time than now.
Stuck inside thanks to COVID-19 isolation, home workouts are exactly what we need to keep fit and pass the time.
Whether you were up at the crack of dawn to break a sweat or you were still a kid, up too early and waiting for Cheez TV to start, there are few Aussie who didn't once watch the lycra-clad women work out.
Now, Channel 10 is reviving the classic cult show when we need it most.
Oh, the nostalgia. Image: Instagram
First created in 1982, June Jones led her lycra-loving ladies through a series of workouts set in some of Sydney's most iconic locations.
So, not only are we getting a great workout but we're also getting to virtually visit some of our favourite Sydney spots from the isolation-appropriate setting of our living rooms.
"Pacing us through those gentle-yet-effective heel taps, the complicated grapevines and powerful knee lifts, it was this troop who provided fitspo well before the active wearing influencers of today," the Channel 10 said in a statement.
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We certainly don't need any more convincing to crack out the matching metallic high-cut leotards and white sneakers.
The best part? You don't have to sacrifice that late sleep in you've become accustom to in isolation.
All the greatest workouts are streaming now on 10 Play.

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