Sam Frost divides fans by refusing to take part in this one wedding tradition with fiancé Jordy Hansen

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Sam Frost has shared new insight into her wedding plans with fiancé Jordie Hansen and revealed one divisive tradition she won’t be participating in.

The actress took to Instagram on Monday night to dish out a series of new details about her and Jordie’s engagement, from how he popped the question to their family plans.

But the actress surprised some followers when she announced she won’t be taking her husband’s last name when they tie the knot next year.

“I don’t plan on changing my surname. I told Jord that on our first date, to manage expectations,” she revealed over a photo from his proposal.

Sam Frost has shared new insight into her wedding plans with fiancé Jordie Hansen.

(Image: Instagram)

“He didn’t bat an eyelid and replied, ‘that’s fair enough, why should you change your name?.”

Sam explained that she loves that some people do change their last names, calling it a “beautiful commitment”, but confessed the tradition just isn’t for her.

“I’ve always felt uncomfortable about it. It’s my identity, it’s my family and I feel deeply connected to my surname,” she continued.

“Very grateful to have a supportive and understanding partner. Our future babies will be ‘Hansen’ though.”

Unfortunately she copped some backlash for that last comment, with one man sending her a message demanding to know how she would explain the different surnames to future children.

Sam quickly clapped back, responding that she’ll simply tell them she “didn’t want to” change her last name because it’s important to her.

“But they won’t care, because they will have a mum who loves them unconditionally,” she added, then shared a screenshot of the conversation with the caption “I’m not in the mood Mike.”

Sam also shared a never-before-seen closeup of her engagement ring, which features a unique stone.

Sam wasn’t in the mood to argue with her followers about her decision.

(Image: Instagram)

“It is an opal from Coober Pedy,” she captioned a snap on her Stories, adding that her ring changes colour in the light and is “sometimes pink, sometimes blue”.

“I’m not a diamond person. I love gemstones and crystals… and I’ve always liked unique rings. So this is PERFECT, he did very well,” she said of Jordy’s distinctive choice.

The former Home And Away star then dished on her wedding plans, and fans who were hoping for a blow-out celebrity ceremony may be disappointed with what she had to say.

Revealing that their nuptials will be “pretty unique”, Sam said that she and Jordy were hoping for something lowkey, though they haven’t started serious planning yet.

Sam showed off her stunning engagement ring.

(Image: Instagram)

“We just want to celebrate our love with an intimate group of our favourite people… most likely next year in spring/summer,” she explained.

Though it’s going to be a small wedding, we’re sure a few familiar faces from Summer Bay will be invited on the big day.

Sam and Jordie announced their engagement in July, two months after he popped the question during a trip through central Australia.

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