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Home and Away star Sam Frost announces her engagement to Survivor’s Jordie Hansen

''It is a very important time of our lives.''
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Just four months after going public with their relationship, Home and Away star Sam Frost and Survivor contestant Jordie Hansen have announced their engagement.

On Thursday, Sam revealed that Jordie proposed to her at the end of May during their whirlwind road trip to Uluru.

“It is a very important time of our lives, we recently got engaged and to celebrate we thought we would go on a 14-day road trip,” Sam, 33, said on her podcast Jordie and Sam’s Rural Road Trip.

Jordie proposed to Sam during their outback road trip.

(Image: Instagram)

Jordie, 26, shared all the romantic details of his outback proposal to Sam.

“We were at Uluru, we’d just woken up, having brekky, we were about to head back down south. Sambo had just been delivered her coffee and so I said to her ‘When would you say yes to getting married?'” Jordie revealed.

Sam responded: “I said ‘pretty much anytime from now'”

Jordie said he then made a spur-of-the-moment decision to propose later that afternoon!

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(Image: Instagram)

“As we were sitting there I was quickly looking up on [Google] Maps going, ‘Alright how long do I have before sunset?’ Because I know we’re heading for The Breakaways right near Coober Pedy, I know that The Breakaways are a beautiful spot for sunset, we’ve got eight and a half hours [to get there],” he said.

The former Home and Away star revealed she had no inkling her boyfriend-of-five-months was about to propose.

“Him rushing me out of Yulara was no surprise for me because he’s always busy and on to the next thing. I was just like ‘Mate relax, let me finish my coffee!’ He was twitching and fanging to get there but that’s just Jordie,” she laughed.

Thankfully, the couple made it to Breakaways at Coober Pedy in time for sunset. But the proposal wasn’t captured on film due to Jordie’s clumsy camera set-up.

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“We’ve pressed play on the video and Sam has gone ‘oh darling, we’re out of shot’. All you can see is the bottom of my foot because I was down on one knee,” he laughed.

“I remember saying something along the lines of, ‘we love jokes but this is not one of them’. This is very serious for me it’s a life commitment. I almost cried, Sam reckons I cried. We celebrated with a big hug and a kiss.”

Sam and Jordie managed to keep their engagement a secret for the most part for more than a month. However, Sam sparked engagement rumours after being photographed at a friend’s hen’s party wearing a ring on her wedding finger.

The pair heavily documented the romantic outback getaway that lead to the proposal.

Sam met Jordie through her younger brother.

(Image: Instagram)

The former Bachelorette took to Instagram to thank Jordie for taking her on the “adventure of a lifetime”.

“I loved listening and learning. Your soul and deep connection to the land and community is truly beautiful. Feeling very honoured to do this trip with you,” she penned.

Jordie made an equally gushing post about Sam and their time on the road.

Sam sparked engagement rumours after being photographed at a friend’s hen’s party wearing a ring on her wedding finger.

(Image: Instagram)

“I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to not only share this adventure with her but also share life with her. Everyday with her is an adventure and an exploration to see just how much juice we can suck out of life,” he penned.

In March, Sam revealed to radio duo Fitzy and Wippa that she had struck up a romance with Jordie – who just happened to be her little brother Alex’s friend and Survivor co-star.

“When I bailed my brother up and I was like ‘oi is he single or what?’ and then he was like ‘ah don’t be weird.’ He’s like ‘you’re so embarrassing!'” Sam revealed.

“He’s younger. I’m a little cougar you know.”

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