What happens now that Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral is over and King Charles III begins his reign?

What are the King's next steps?
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Now that the Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and 10 days of mourning is officially over, people all over the globe are wondering what happens next as King Charles III begins his reign.

To find out about the King’s coronation, where he and Camilla, Queen Consort will live, and what will change under his reign, keep reading.

When is King Charles III’s coronation?

King Charles III acceeded to the throne on September 8, upon the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

He will formally be crowned king at the coronation, which will be a state occasion funded by the British government.

The coronation is expected to take place in the British spring or summer of 2023 and will likely be shorter, more inclusive, and less expensive than previous coronations.

For the past 900 years, the coronation has been held in Westminster Abbey. However, unlike royal weddings, the coronation is funded by the British government who also chooses the guest list.

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What crown will King Charles III wear?

At the coronation, the Archbishop of Canterbury will place the iconic St Edward’s crown on Charles’ head.

The solid gold crown is adorned with 444 coloured gemstones, including sapphires, rubies and garnets. It is filled with a purple velvet centre and trimmed with fur.

Where will King Charles live?

While it hasn’t been announced where King Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort will officially live, it’s known they will be leaving their current residence at Clarence House.

Last week, about 100 employees of Clarence House were told they could lose their jobs because the King will no longer live there.

The late Queen had several residences, including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and her country retreat Balmoral in the Scottish Highlands.

Although an official announcement about his new permanent home hasn’t been made, it’s likely that Charles and Camilla will move into Buckingham Palace.

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What will change under King Charles III?

While King Charles III is now head of state, that state remains a constitutional monarchy, meaning the power to make and pass legislation stays with the government.

It’s understood Charles wants a slimmed-down official royal family and there has been speculation that he will try to reduce the monarchy’s cost to the British taxpayers.

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