King Charles’ bodyguards have sparked a new conspiracy theory as fans notice a crazy detail

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As Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest, yet another conspiracy theory started doing the rounds on social media – and this time, to do with King Charles’ bodyguards.

In a video that has since gone viral, TikTok user named James posted a clip of King Charles greeting mourners, while pointing out a bizarre detail among the royal’s security.

Fans have long wondered what is wrong with King Charles’ hands.

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“King Charles’ security. Do some have fake arms, hands on guns?” he wrote on the video.

“The man on the left — the hand he is holding looks suspicious. It looks to be inanimate.

“Then this taller man always looks, one of his arms also looks fake,” he continued, adding, “Notice the different grips — that open palm grip doesn’t change at all.

“Also looks like a bulge in the jacket. Still no change and a strange swing.”

Others were quick to get amongst the strange theory, with one social media user commenting, “They will obviously be heavily armed.”

Another added: “This is not a hidden thing. They just don’t want a gun to be seen by the public. It has a better picture.”

TikTok users suspect King Charles’ guards are concealing weapons using fake hands.

(Image: TikTok)

A third joked, “Imagine if the arm fell off.”

Another user name Kevin made a similar comparison in a clip of his own that was posted to the video-sharing platform.

“What’s going on with the bodyguard’s hands?” he captioned the video that focused on the King’s bodyguards.

One user commented, “Yes. That’s the King, of course his security have their hands on their gun”

The bodyguard’s hands are rigid!

(Image: TikTok)

“Why are people questioning it? It’s established that this happens,” another wrote.

Someone else said: “Why is he acting like it’s supposed to be a secret, the only reason they don’t have them out and about is to keep the public calm.”

A former Royal Protection Officer Simon Morgan Today at the time to give insight into the high level of security as many notable figures jetted in to attend Her Majesty’s funeral service, which was held at Westminster Abbey in London.

“As a police service, you actually take a duty of care now to these people, and have to make sure they’re secure and safe,” he said.

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“So you’ve got a scenario where you’ve got lots of people, lots of people no going through the night. They have to be policed and they have to be policed all the way.”

He added that additional forces had been called in to aid ahead of the service, due to a potential “myriad of threats”.

“We look at the top and international terrorism threat to the UK is currently substantial, meaning an attack is likely,” he said.

Among the Australians who travelled to London for the official funeral service alongside Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Governor-General David Hurley include Australian of the Year and retired tennis legend Dylan Alcott, Aboriginal elder, artist and Ngan’gityemerri language group activist Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr Baumann, Queensland’s Local Hero 2022, Saba Abraham, and Danny Abdallah, the Sydney father who tragically lost his three children and his niece after a drunk driver crashed as the children were getting ice cream in 2020.

His bodyguards are ready as the Queen’s funeral will soon begin.

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He and his wife Leila famously forgave the driver who killed their children in the horror crash and later founded i4give Day.

Chris Waller, the thoroughbred trainer of champion horse Winx who had looked after many of the Queen’s horses and was close with Her Majesty, was also invited as Australia’s 10th guest, though revealed he would no longer be in attendance due to “COVID-19 related reasons”.

“Unfortunately due to Covid-19 related reasons I am unable to attend the funeral,” Waller wrote via Twitter.

“Like so many others I will live and cherish for the rest of my life the fond memories I have of Her Majesty; her love of horses and all animals; her passion for life and the respect she gave everyday people”.

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