Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will divorce, Princess Diana’s psychic sensationally claims

Our royal-loving hearts simply can't handle this controversial prediction.
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s incredible love story has captivated millions around the world.

And as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex settle into their first year of married life, we don’t think we’ve ever seen a more in-love, tactile couple.

But now Princess Diana’s former friend and personal psychic Simone Simmons has made a shocking string of predictions, claiming Harry and Meghan will break up after just three years of marriage.

“I give their marriage two-and-a-half to three years,” Simone, who claims she still communicates to Princess Diana from the grave, alleged to UK publication The Daily Star.

“I don’t want to see him badly hurt, and Harry won’t know what’s hit him when it does happen,” the healer continued.

“He is head over heels in love. Harry is like the embodiment of Diana, he is so sensitive.”

Sorry Simone but just look at these two and their insane chemistry and body language. (Image: Getty Images)

Simone also believes the royal couple will have two children before they divorce.

As for the reason of their split, the psychic believes Meghan’s scandal-prone family will be the couple’s ultimate undoing.

“Even people with dysfunctional families are not as dissociated as hers,” Simone said.

“Look at her last two relationships. They didn’t last much longer than two years. This will probably be no different.”

She also believes Prince Harry’s uncle Prince Andrew will re-marry ex-wife Sarah Ferguson – but there’s a catch.

“I think that Sarah and Andrew will remarry but not until Prince Philip dies. Sarah and Andrew are still totally in love,” Simone told the outlet.

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Simone was a good friend and spiritual adviser to the late Princess Diana. (Image L-R: Rex Images, Getty Images)

While we refuse to accept her hurtful theory about Harry and Meghan, Simone does have one positive prediction worth listening to.

She believes Duchess Meghan is already pregnant with her first child.

“I think Meghan may be pregnant. It’s something about the look on her face,” she revealed.

Hmm, so that’s how a psychic makes their conclusions? Not based on anything other than facial expressions?

We’re going to take Simone’s words with a grain of salt and refer any doubters back to this one simple yet powerful photo and these five words: The look on Harry’s face.

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