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The subtle clue that suggested Duchess Meghan was pregnant all along

Her hair is full of secrets.

By Jess Pullar
There's no denying that Duchess Meghan is a style icon, but in the wake of the exciting news that she and Harry are expecting their first child, it looks like her latest style suggested more than just good fashion sense.
In fact, the way Meghan wore her hair at recent royal engagements could have been a subtle clue that we missed all along!
Meghan's straight hairstyle got royal baby watchers in a tizz.
For her last few public appearances, Meghan wore her hair down and straight, a departure from her usual flowing waves and low bun.
While the new style looks stunning on the 37-year-old, it came at a time where royal fans were on high baby alert, and some were majorly questioning her decision!
But why would a hairstyle suggest she is pregnant, you ask?
Well, Kate Middleton has previously changed her hairstyle right before she's announced her pregnancies, with thoughts that the change in style on top will draw attention away from the rest of her body, and more specifically her growing tum.
Kate gave her hair the chop during her third pregnancy.
What's more, Kate's sister Pippa Middleton also employed the technique before her baby announcement, exchanging her longer tresses for a lob haircut.
Now it all makes sense with Meghan!
Pippa also changed her hairstyle before announcing she was pregnant!
Furthermore, this wasn't the only hint we heard that the Duchess would soon be expecting. Earlier in September, TV psychic Sally Morgan predicted that Meghan would be pregnant before the end of the year.
And while some might have questioned her credibility, Sally's former predictions do have some merit – she correctly called the genders of Wills and Kate's three children before they were born.
Spookily, she also predicted that Meghan wouldn't walk down the aisle with her mother, Doria, at her wedding. Meghan indeed ended up walking down the aisle with Charles!
Meghan and Harry have confirmed they are expecting their first child!
Meghan's clothing choices of late have also had people questioning whether she was hiding a growing bump.
In September, the Duchess attended a gala concert named 100 Days to Peace wearing a blue Jason Wu dress with strategically placed ruffles down the front.
Furthermore, she wore a peplum Oscar de la Renta blouse to a sporting event earlier this month – a popular style for pregnant women.
And most recently, her navy blue ensemble she wore to Princess Eugenie's wedding on Friday all but confirmed things for royal baby-watchers - the jacket almost certainly looked like it was hiding a baby bump!
So with this evening's exciting news that Meghan is indeed pregnant, it looks like the signs were there all along! Now bring on the maternity style!
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