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When will Duchess Meghan be pregnant? Princess Diana's psychic weighs in

It's going to be twins?!

By Jess Pullar
Duchess Meghan is set to be pregnant before the end of the year, if TV psychic Sally Morgan is to be believed, that is.
And while it would be easy to go down the 'who could guess it?' and 'what would she know!?' route, there could actually be some merit to her predictions.
In fact, Morgan has been accurate in making royal predictions before. Not only did she correctly call the genders of William and Catherine's three children before they were born, but she also predicted that Meghan wouldn't walk down the aisle with her mother, Doria, at her wedding.
Indeed, Meghan ended up walking down the aisle with Prince Charles.
Royal fans are on high alert for a baby announcement!
What's more, the psychic also predicted that Meghan and Harry would have twins, and whether that's true or not, we can't help but get excited about a double royal act!
Sally, 66, made the bold prediction on British daytime TV show Loose Women, and the audience almost lost it. Gasps were audible as the psychic confidently said, "They will have two girls and a boy, they will have three children."
She went on to add, "Harry will have more daughters than sons and in fact, this is a biggie, there may be twins there."
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It looks like Morgan has gained the trust of the royal family themselves in the past. The Daily Mail reported that Sally worked closely with Princess Diana for four and a half years as her psychic while she was married to Prince Charles.
Harry and Meghan were married in May, but speculations about when the pair would become parents have been rife since their engagement last November.
The newlyweds have been asked many times about starting a family, and Harry has been vocal about how he'd love this to happen.
In their official engagement interview, the ginger prince said he hoped they would start a family in the "near future.
The newlyweds are known to be great with kids!
In July, Prince Harry jokingly revealed how many children he wants, or doesn't want more specifically. Speaking to royal fans in Dublin, he remarked on one woman's explanation of having five children.
"He laughed and said 'five children? — too many'," the woman told People.
If Sally's prediction of three children turns out to be true, it looks like Harry won't be too stretched! Phew.