British Royal Family

Could Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson be getting back together?

We take a look at the Duke and Duchess of York's romance through the years.

By Alex Lilly
Prince Charles and Princess Diana's divorce is probably the most infamous split in the British Royal Family, but there are two royals who seem to have this whole ex thing sorted.
Despite divorcing in 1996, the Queen's third son, Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah 'Fergie' Ferguson have always remained on good terms. In fact, the Duke and Duchess of York still see each other regularly and appear with their daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.
But after Fergie shared a very friendly picture of her "family", including Andrew, on her Instagram account, fans are thinking that there could be a royal re-coupling on the horizon. See
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The below post is the picture that got tongues wagging...

After a day out at Royal Ascot, which she attended with Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice, Fergie captioned her snap of three of them saying, "Great day with my family." Cue her followers going into meltdown.
"@sarahferguson15 stop wasting time. This man is your soul mate get back together. ❤ love seeing you both together xx"
"I wish you 2 would get back you both and you make the cutest pair."
"You two should quietly remarry and enjoy your lives. Let the young bloods handle the royal duties."
We here at Now To Love are suckers for a royal wedding, and since the first five in line to throne need the Queen's permission to marry (Andrew has dropped to number seven) it could happen sooner than we think.
As romance rumours reach fever pitch, take a trip down memory lane and look at the very special relationship between the Duke and Duchess of York.

Young love

The two were engaged after a whirlwind courtship.
Andrew and Sarah met as children as their families ran in the same social circles.
In her autobiography, Sarah recounts how she would sneak away from her father's polo matches and "play tag with like-minded truants – including Prince Andrew, who was just my age."
But it was years later when the two were re-introduced by Princess Diana at a Windsor Castle party and were then made to sit next to each other at lunch at Ascot in 1985. Sarah refused the dessert of chocolate profiteroles as she was on a diet, but Andrew told her it would be improper etiquette to refuse.
"Then when it came time to take his portion, he refused — 'No, thank you very much!' — and I indignantly swatted him on the shoulder with the back of my hand," Sarah recalls in her autobiography.
After a whirlwind courtship, the two were engaged in March 1986 and swiftly tied the knot at Westminster Abbey just four months later.
The Duke and Duchess of York on their 1986 wedding day.

Divorce and scandal

The Duke and Duchess welcomed their daughters Beatrice in 1988 and Eugenie in 1990 but the couple's relationship strained due to Andrew's naval career and rumours of his infidelity. Andrew and Sarah legally separated in 1992 and were officially divorced by 1996.
In an exclusive interview with Harper's Bazaar, Sarah revealed that she and the Queen always had a good relationship and was not after a hefty divorce settlement.
"When I met with Her Majesty about it, she asked, 'What do you require, Sarah?' and I said, 'Your friendship,' which I think amazed her because everyone said I would demand a big settlement," she said.
"But I wanted to be able to say, 'Her Majesty is my friend'— not fight her nor have lawyers saying, 'Look, she is greedy.' I left my marriage knowing I'd have to work. I have."
Not a fan: Prince Philip once described the Duchess of York as "having no point."
Following the separation, the tabloids had a field day when paparazzi shots of Fergie sunbathing topless emerged as well as some infamous pictures of John Bryan, an American financial manager, sucking her toes. She was also caught on camera accepting money from an undercover reporter in exchange for promising access to Prince Andrew. And while the Duke of York forgave her for her indiscretion, the rest of the royals weren't so forgiving.
In fact, Sarah has quite the strained relationship with the rest of the royal family. Royal correspondent James Whitaker said Prince Philip once described the Duchess of York as "having no point" and she was not invited to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding day in 2011.
Speaking to talk show queen Oprah Winfrey, she said, "It was so difficult. Because I wanted to be there with my girls and to be getting them dressed and to go as a family. And it was also hard because the last bride up that aisle was me."
Even after their split, the Duke and Duchess make family a priority.

Back in the royal fold

But despite the split and scandals, the Duchess of York has remained close with her ex-husband and has been seen at high-profile events in the royal calendar including Ascot and of course, Harry and Meghan's wedding day.
The two even spent what would have been their 30th wedding anniversary last year at Ascot together, so it seems like the races have a special place in their hearts. Even in their official engagement interview, both remarked that they were very good friends first and that's been the foundation for their family of four.
In a 2017 interview with HELLO! magazine, Sarah revealed, "A table can't stand on three legs, really, so you have the Duke and I, and the two girls. We're a family unit and we lead by example. We support each other emotionally and we support each other health wise. At least every two weeks we sit down and communicate, the four of us."
And according to The Sun, the Duke and Duchess still share a home at Royal Lodge at Windsor as well as a £13m ski chalet in the Swiss resort of Verbier. Sounds romantic!
How low can you go Fergie? The mother-of-two has been welcomed back into the royal fold, attending several high-profile events including the Royal Wedding and Royal Ascot.
So when are these two getting back together?
Well, there have been hints of a royal romance re-blossoming for a while as the Duchess of York's Instagram account features plenty of snaps celebrating Prince Andrew and his achievements.
But it was her candid comments during her 2016 trip to Australia that had royal lovers thinking the two loved each other a little more than friends.

In a chat with radio duo Kyle and Jackie O, Fergie was asked if she'd ever get back together with Prince Andrew to which she replied,"I always think 'have we really?' We're divorced to each other right now. We've never really left each other."
"In 1986 on the 23rd July, I completely threw myself into the most incredible love affair for life."
Regardless of what happens, it's great to see such a friendly and loving rapport between two royal exes.
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