Home and Away: Mackenzie and Dean are held hostage while Tane fights for his life

''There is a very real and terrifying chance that Tane could die from the stabbing.''
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Mac faces the wrath of PK this week when his band of thugs burst into Salt and issue a stern warning: deliver the money – or else.

The frightening week unfolds in the wake of PK’s manipulation of Mac (Emily Weir) at the last poker night where he used her naivety of the game to score big and claimed she owed him $100,000.

PK (Ryan Johnson) tried to seduce her as a way to pay off her debt, but Mac couldn’t go through with it.

Now she wants revenge and he wants payback for being rejected.

A terrifying hostage situation unfolds at Salt.

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“PK wants to win, to control and to come out on top,” Emily, 30, tells TV WEEK. “He is a egomaniac who doesn’t like to be told no. He wants revenge for her deception and to make her suffer…”

At Salt, Mac and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) hatch a plan to rid Salt of debt and PK out of their lives.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) doesn’t like their idea and offers to bring the River Boys in to “take care of it”, but Mac wants to do it on her own.

She decides to go along with his scheme and plans another poker night in his honour. PK will reap the profits – at least that’s what she’ll tell him. Mac plans to use the money to pay off her debt.

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) listens in and fears both Mac and her boyfriend Dean are playing a dangerous game…

Later that day, PK’s associate Nathan (Ryan Panizza) arrives and warns Mac to call off whatever revenge plan she has brewing – she’s in serious danger.

Mac scoffs and orders him out. But that night, Nathan’s warning proves true when two men ambush Mac and Dean while they’re closing up Salt.

Felicity tends to a dying Tane.

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Brandishing a knife, one man orders them on the ground while he ransacks the restaurant for money and valuables.

Downstairs, Tane and Felicity decide to check on Mac after closing up the gym. Their arrival causes the men to become distracted and Dean pounces, knocking one man to the ground. Tane wrestles with the other.

The crims flee Salt but Tane’s been hurt. Felicity races over and is horrified to see blood. Tane has been stabbed!

Tane needs medical attention but a hospital will bring to light Mac’s illegal activity. Felicity suggests they call Logan – time is running out!

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If Mac brings her boyfriend into this, he’ll not only discover her secret but become part of her illegal activity.

“There is a very real and terrifying chance that Tane could die from the stabbing,” Emily says.

“Being put in a situation where Tane needs urgent medical help, but by doing so reveals the criminal activity that’s been transpiring at Salt is the position Mackenzie is put in.”

Suddenly, everything she holds dear is hanging by a thread.

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