Home and Away

Who is Home and Away bombshell Jacqui Purvis when she's not portraying firecracker Felicity?

''I've loved every single day on set.''

By Alana Mazzoni
Home and Away fans were captivated by Jacqui Purvis the minute she debuted on Summer Bay in August 2021.
Playing the vivacious Felicity Newman, it didn't take Jacqui long to prove her serious acting chops.
She also wasted no time making friends on set - and now considers her Home and Away co-stars "like family".
With some critically acclaimed acting roles under her belt and rumours of an on-set romance, Jacqui is one busy star!
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Jacqui joined Home and Away in 2021. (Image: Seven)

What other roles has Jacqui had?

Throughout her teenage years, Jacqui was coached by Aussie acting legend Peter Kalos at the renowned Melbourne Actors Lab.
Since then, Jacqui has landed roles in dozens of movies and TV shows, including acclaimed short-films Undertow, in 2017.
Her role of perennial "it girl" Callie in the 2018 film Sydney earned her several awards, including Best Actress at the Los Angeles Film Awards.
The blonde bombshell also starred in A Lion Returns, an AACTA-nominated independent film.
But Jacqui's role as Felicity Newman on Home and Away wasn't first first foray into the Aussie soap scene.
She also had a recurring role as Melissa Lohan on Neighbours back in 2019.
Jacqui and her castmates Nicholas Cartwright, Ethan Browne and Emily Weir. (Image: Instagram)

What has Jacqui said of her Home and Away experience?

Jacqui joined the cast in 2021 alongside Nicholas Cartwright, who plays her onscreen brother Cash Newman.
She opened up to TV WEEK about the role, saying it's been "super challenging but in the best way".
"I've loved every single day [on set]. I love that my character has no filter and says what she feels, usually, completely unapologetically, which I really admire," she said.
Jacqui has not only made fast friends on set with Nic and Ethan Browne, who plays her character's lover Tane, but she has also gained a new housemate.
"Matt Evans [who plays Theo] and I are having a blast being roommates. He is one of my favourite people in the whole world," she said in 2021.

Who is Jacqui dating?

Jacqui has long been private when it comes to her personal life, however that hasn't stopped die-hard Summer Bay fans from speculating.
The rumour mill went into overdrive in November 2021 when Jacqui posted a seemingly romantic photo with Ethan Browne, who just so happens to play her onscreen boyfriend.
Taking to Instagram, Jacqui posted four pictures featuring Ethan with a cheeky caption poking fun at her co-star.
"Sometimes I get to work with @atlas143 ... it's tough," she wrote.
However, it wasn't her words that caused a frenzy but the picture of them looking at each other.
Jacqui also posted two images of Ethan smelling flowers and another blurry snap of them laughing together.
Jacqui and Ethan have sparked romance rumours. (Image: Instagram)
In the comment section, Ethan fired back by writing, "It's a struggle for me too 😬 , but I'm a professional and get on with it as best as I can."
This isn't the first time the pair have shown off their friendship - in August 2021 Jacqui posted two black and white pictures of her piggybacking on Ethan, which she affectionately captioned, "Behind the scenes with E.T."
That post also inspired speculation from fans with one querying, "Are you both good friends?"

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