Home and Away

Home and Away: The ramifications of Mac's illegal dealings explode when PK shows his true colours

''She wants so badly to be out of debt.''

By Tamara Cullen
Despite the warning signs in previous episodes of Home and Away, Mac (Emily Weir) is intrigued by PK (Ryan Johnson) and the money he brings to the table.
At his request, Mac agrees to host a high roller event at Salt. With a $5000 buy-in, the wealthy clientele will excite the game and boost business.
There's just one catch: Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) can't come.
As the sister of local policeman Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), her name doesn't bode well with his clients.
At PK's request, Mac agrees to host a high roller event at Salt. (Image: Seven)
When Mac counters that she's the only person who knows how to run a poker night – or the rules of the game for that matter – PK proposes he take his business elsewhere. Mac nods, she's out.
Mac braves the conversation with Flick, who implores Mac to see through PK's charm. Something is wrong. But once again, Mac refuses to listen.
Would Felicity dare go to the police?
Mac's brother Dean (Patrick O'Connor) reels at the news. (Image: Seven)
That night, Mac and PK prepare to welcome guests. Since Felicity can't run the tables, Mac is going solo. Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Tane (Ethan Browne) arrive to show their support, but the bar owner struggles to keep up.
Back home, Felicity decides to ignore Mac and prepares to leave for Salt. A knock at the door stops her – it's poker player Nathan (Ryan Panizza) and a large burly man.
Nathan suggests she stay home for the night before locking the door behind him…
Back at Salt, PK is on a hot streak. He then tells Mac that the House lost – she owes the players $100K! PK says he'll cover the cost if she repays him in another way, handing a card with a hotel address on it.
Mac's head is spinning.
"She wants so badly to be out of debt and is thinking that if she gives PK what he wants, all of her stress and problems will disappear. Then, [she feels] disgust at PK's capabilities, fear that he could hurt her, shame because of her love and loyalty to boyfriend Logan."
Would Felicity dare go to the police? (Image: Seven)
The following morning, Felicity is freed. She races to find out what happened at the poker night. She's devastated to learn of PK's deception before explaining that the House can't lose in Poker – ever.
Mac's brother Dean (Patrick O'Connor) reels. He knows how desperate Mac is to repay her debt.
But that's not all: Mac is missing and no one has heard from her.
Did she go through with PK's proposal?

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