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Tim Robards reveals: “I’m heading to Hollywood!”

''We'd make it work''
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Three months ago, former Bachelor Tim Robards married Anna Heinrich in the Aussie wedding of the year.

But the honeymoon is over, as Tim reveals to NW exclusively that he’s packing up and heading to Hollywood to chase his dream of becoming the next Chris Hemsworth. LA, here he comes!

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” Tim, 35, says of his big screen ambitions.

Of course, the newlyweds have already spent much of their marriage apart, with Tim moving from their home in Sydney to Melbourne to flex his acting muscle on Neighbours.

Tim Robards is ready for Hollywood!

So what’s the goss with the new guy on Ramsay Street?

“He’s a little bit Christian Grey, but a bit more Harvey Specter from Suits,” Tim says of his character, wealthy investor Pierce Greyson.

Here, the hunky actor tells NW what Anna, 31, thinks about him cosying up to other women on set, and how he feels about leaving his beautiful wife behind to give it a crack in Hollywood!

So many Hollywood stars – like Hemsy and Margot Robbie – got their start on Aussie soaps. Are you planning to follow in their footsteps?

“I’d love to! I set measurable goals and that’s where I’d like to take it. We’ll see how we go. I’ll just keep doing the work and see what happens.”

Now that you’ve wrapped filming for Neighbours, do you have any more acting gigs lined up?

“I’ve got a potential short film I’m shooting over in the States in a couple of weeks, so just working on that. Because I’m fairly new to it, I’m just going to keep working on my training and the American accent.

I’m just getting as much on my show reel as I can, because I’m not getting any younger. You’ve got to fully commit to it and give it a proper crack.”

Tim is about to shoot a short film in the states.

Will Anna go with you to the States?

“No. I’ll just duck over and do it myself. If I’m busy filming all day, she’d be sitting around twiddling her fingers. She’s got work here, so you just want to throw yourself into it and get as much experience as you can wherever you can.”

What if your career took off over there? Would you leave her behind?

“Whatever we did, we’d make it work – whether you have to put in a bit of travel or whatever… I don’t think she’d be opposed to it.”

How is married life going? You’ve spent some time apart recently filming Neighbours, so it must be hard on you two.

“It’s good! I’m lucky that Anna’s so supportive and understanding. A lot of people have said, ‘Did you just get that role because you’ve been on TV before?’ But no, I’ve been doing the work, going to acting classes at night time and on weekends, and giving up a lot of time. She’s just super happy and has seen that the hard work I’ve been putting in behind the scenes has paid off. I made sure I flew back every weekend to see her and spend some time with her, but then she was busy as well!”

Your character Pierce seems to like the ladies. Did Anna ban you from taking part in any kissing scenes?

“Oh, there is a bit of romance in the storyline, so you’ll have to wait and see! Anna’s like, ‘Whatever you’ve got to do.’ Originally, she would say, “Look, if it’s in an audition, then maybe avoid the kissing. But if it’s a proper role and you’re being paid for it, then go for it.” She’s supportive.”

“If you are doing a kissing scene, you’re in character, and as soon as the director yells, ‘Cut!’ it’s back to Tim, and it’s a different thing.”

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So when you and Anna have babies, would you rather they be little lawyers like her, or actors like you?

“Two little kids that are loud and outspoken and argumentative? I don’t know if I’d want that! [Laughs] I’d try and encourage them to be chiropractors and work in the health field. You don’t want a big out-there person who always wants all the limelight! [Laughs]”

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