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Newlyweds Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich reveal they're living apart

They’re the fairytale Bachie couple, but newlyweds Anna and Tim are living separate lives!

By NW team
Back in 2013, Australia's first Bachelor Tim Robards met the love of his life, Anna Heinrich, on a reality TV dating show. Cut to five years later, and the pair have tied the knot in an extravagant wedding in the south of Italy that had the NW-ettes in tears.
So when we caught up with criminal lawyer Anna, 31, two months after their romantic union, we were shocked to learn they're already taking some time apart as they chase their career dreams.
"Tim's currently living in Melbourne," Anna spills of her hunky hubby, 35, who's just landed a role in long-running Aussie soap Neighbours.
"He comes back on the weekends, but I'm so proud of him. He's put in a lot of hard work and he'll do a fabulous job. I'm his number-one supporter."
Just two months after their stunning wedding, the former Bachelor couple are living apart.
But that's not to say Anna's sitting around feeling sorry for herself in Sydney.
Nup, the beauty has landed her own gig on radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands' new show Trial By Kyle, in which they'll invite regular people and stars like Married At First Sight's Nasser Sultan and former Big Brother beauty Skye Wheatley to appear before the court in their own "trials".
"I'm the judge's associate," she explains. "I'm there to help Kyle with the legal issues at hand."
Move along Judge Judy! NW chats to Anna about married life and working with Australia's most controversial radio host...
Tim and Anna are the picture-perfect couple.
How's life without Tim?
Anna: It's hard, but we're both extremely busy with our own projects! Obviously we just got married, so that doesn't make things easy, but at the same time I speak to him all day every day.
You've gotta keep the romance alive, right!
Anna: Well, he's back every single weekend, but our time is just limited. It's fine at the moment, though, because we're both so busy.
Despite being apart right now, are you still in the honeymoon phase?
Anna: Yes – we're always in the honeymoon phase! I feel like our relationship just gets stronger and stronger. I fall more in love with Tim every day, and being apart from him makes me appreciate him more for sure!
Are you planning on changing your surname to Robards?
Anna: I will be, yep! I just haven't got around to it yet.
"There weren't 'tear-tears', but I probably welled up a little bit," admits Tim of his wedding day.
OK, so give us the intel on your new show!
Anna: So, like Judge Judy, you'll have plaintiffs and defendants, who'll each tell their side of the story. Then Kyle will ask for my advice on what the legal issues are. I will tell him, and he can use that if he wants or he can go against what I say and come to his own verdict.
At the end of the day, it's Kyle's court and his verdict is final.
That's a scary thought! Does he listen to you much?
Anna: Yeah, he definitely takes me seriously! But he's someone who has judged people on the radio for years, and he's not someone who sits on the fence either.
Are the cases legit?
Anna: They are all real disputes and they're all cases that they haven't wanted to go to "real court".
They're not made up and they're not silly! It's a civil court, so the disputes range from breach of contract to defamation – cases that could potentially go to court and involve interesting people. I don't think you'd see these sorts of cases on Judge Judy!

Did you get along with Kyle?
Anna: Yes, I love him! Personally, I didn't find him intimidating. In fact, I found that when it came to a few of the disputes he was quite compassionate.
Surely he made some of the people on set cry?
Anna: [Laughs] I can't say... But he's not that harsh! He's tough, but as I said, he is compassionate.
Is there anyone you'd like to put in the firing line? Maybe give Blake Garvey a hard time for what he did to Sam Frost?
Anna: [Laughs] No. There is no-one.
Trial By Kyle airs 8.30pm Thursday on Ten.
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