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Here is how you can watch Shane Warne’s documentary ‘Shane’ for insight into his iconic story

The King of Spin's road from AFL drop out to cricket king.
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Earlier this year, Shane Warne released a documentary called Shane to reveal the man behind his iconic career.

The movie features never-before-seen interviews with his family and figures like Ian Botham, Sachin Tendulkar, Allan Border, and Mark Taylor, as well as the cricket great himself.

The doco traverses Shane’s journey from an Australian Rules Football reject to the ultimate cricket star, but doesn’t steer away from digging up the hard times in his life either.

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From money to drugs to his scandals including his 12-month ban from cricket and extramarital affairs, everything about Shane’s life is laid bare.

“Cricket was always my number one priority,” he confesses in the tell-all.

“That doesn’t mean [I didn’t value my family, but they were second.”

Shane’s eldest daughter Brooke even says, “Lots of happy memories, lots of sad memories…we only ever saw him as Dad.”

“Honesty with them, and being honest with them and saying that’s my mistake and they’re hurt by that.”

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His ownership of his past failures and successes made him relatable and even more revered in the eyes of Australians, and his documentary dives deeper into those stories.

Controversies aside, sports fans will enjoy Shane’s relationship with cricket.

“One of my strengths on the field is I can intimidate people,” he says in the documentary.

“Whether it be a word, or by a bit of silence, whether it’s to stay at the top mark and spin a ball, whether it’s to eyeball someone at the batsman at the other end, whether it was a little sledge here or there — whatever it was I was a man on a mission, I wasn’t taking any prisoners.

“One of my strengths on the field is I can intimidate people.”

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“Standing at the top mark with the ball in my hand, and I look down at the pitch, it was my domain, it was my spot, I owned it.”

If you’re

You can watch Shane’s raw documentary on Amazon Prime. Get your 30 day free trial here.

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