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EXCLUSIVE: Studio 10’s Sarah Harris’ upcoming Easter TV special is the feel-good show we need

An Easter egg hunt and DIY crafts...thanks to the Australian Women's Weekly team, the long weekend is sorted!
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To say 2020 isn’t quite going to plan is an understatement.

We’re all a little world-weary, but thankfully the team from The Australian Women’s Weekly magazine have joined forces with some of your favourite TV personalities for a memorable Easter celebration.

From roasting a butterflied lamb with MasterChef Australia All Stars contender Hayden Quinn, to styling a delicious grazing platter with chef Miguel Maestre, it’s a festive special guaranteed to tingle your tastebuds – and warm your heart.

Studio 10‘s Sarah Harris, who leads the pack with her usual vivacity, shares how The Smith Family are helping families in need, and even hits the kitchen (only just avoiding a self-induced chocolate coma).

Here, TV WEEK chats with host Sarah, 38, about this very special television special and why taking stock of the good things in life has never been so important.

Sarah Harris is ready to bring a little Easter cheer.

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TV WEEK: This Easter special is the uplifting medicine we all need right now.

Yes, it’s feel-good TV. After the crazy start to 2020, we really need this. The bushfires, the smoke, the floods, now coronavirus [COVID-19], it can be so heavy. It can be so anxiety-inducing. Sometimes people just need to smile, and a bit of escapism, and that’s what this show nails. This is perfect Friday night fare, where you can put up your feet, maybe grab a glass of wine, kick back and be entertained – and enjoy this lovely break coming up. Because we all need a break. It’s the perfect show to self-isolate to!

The Living Room‘s Barry DuBois joins in some junior bunny business.

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What will TV presenter Angela Bishop and her daughter Amelia be cooking up?

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Tell us about The Smith Family’s involvement in the special.

You’d think we’re the lucky country and education is free – no, it’s not! So The Smith Family comes in to help bridge that gap. Easter is another thing on the to-do list for families who are struggling to put food on the table. I’m so grateful to give this incredible charity a platform to really showcase what they do, especially at a time like Easter.

Rumour has it you joined the professionals? in the AWW kitchen. How was your venture into cooking?

I’m not a very good cook, but I’m good at assembling. So they gave me little jobs. And I’m a pretty good sous-chef, I must say! I helped the team put together the triple chocolate crackle cake. Honestly, it’s death by chocolate. I had, like, four bites and was like, ‘Stick a fork in me, I’m done!’ But that’s what Easter is all about! There was so much good food there.

WATCH BELOW: How to make The Weekly’s Easter Bunny cake. Post continues after video…

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Perks of the job! What else did you get up to on set?

I spent a lot of time with Miguel and his family. Holy moly, that man! So much energy. He had some great ideas! I adore him –he’s one of my favourite people in the world. Add a bit of chocolate into the mix and he’s like a big kid. He turns the humble potato into – I’m not kidding – one of the best experiences of my life. [Laughs]. It was cheesy, potatoey, and super-easy to make.

Miguel and Hayden give the cooking action a lift.

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What are your plans for Easter? Did your boys join in the celebrations?

The boys [Paul, four, and two-year-old Harry] were invited. I love them dearly, but they’re slightly nuts, so I left them at home this time – it would have been like having a couple of cattle dogs in the house. Add chocolate to the mix and it would have been a recipe for disaster. I’m looking forward to Easter though – it’s a time to be together as a family. When there’s so much negativity around, it can be easy to focus on that, but it’s nice to stop and count your blessings – and Easter is the perfect opportunity to do that.

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