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Yes chef! Miguel Maestre and his wife Sascha's love story is rom com material

''My rock, my inspiration, my love, my soul, my better half.''

By Alex Lilly
Miguel Maestre is the unofficial hero of this year's season of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, but he's definitely been missed back home.
The charismatic TV chef, 40, left his wife of 10 years Sascha Maestre and their two kids Claudia and Morgan to enter the South African jungle, and Miguel and Sacha's story is what dreams are made of.
Miguel and Sascha met when they were working at the same bar in Scotland. (Image: Instagram @thecrazybull)
Miguel and Sascha met in Edinburgh, Scotland, when Miguel (who couldn't speak a word of English) had just started as the doorman at a bar, while Sascha was a waitress.
"The guy he was working with basically told him that all you need to say is 'You've got beautiful eyes' so, of course, he would walk around to all the girls going, 'Beautiful, beautiful!' and all the girls were getting so excited," Sascha told 10 daily.
"I said to my friend, 'Check out the doorman, he just told me I had beautiful eyes!' and she goes, 'Oh, he told me that too!'" she added.
The couple dated for roughly three months before going their separate ways to travel, but stayed in touch.
"Three months later we met up again in Edinburgh and lived there for two and a half years and later on we came back to Australia - probably 19 years ago - and we've never looked back!" she added.
The couple have been married since 2010. (Image: Instagram @thecrazybull)
Miguel and Sascha are also proud parents to Claudia and Morgan. (Image: Instagram @thecrazybull)
The couple tied the knot in January 2010 and welcomed daughter Claudia in 2011 and son Morgan three years later, but it seems like Miguel and Sascha are still in the honeymoon period.
"Miguel is always showing affection and is always saying beautiful things to me," Sascha gushed.
In a sweet message for his wife's birthday, Miguel called Sascha "My rock, my inspiration, my love, my soul, my better half. You complete me you make me smile you love me."
Despite being miles away in South Africa, Miguel organised a huge bouquet of red roses and a ladybug balloon to be delivered to his wife's doorstep for their 10 year anniversary.
"Happy 10th wedding anniversary to my gorgeous husband. We love you so much and missing you. Can't believe you organised these beautiful flowers and balloon before you left. So lucky and special. We love you," Sascha shared on Miguel's Instagram account, which she is managing whilst he is away.
Take note husbands!
Despite being all the way in South Africa, Miguel still organised a romantic surprise for his and Sascha's anniversary. (Image: Instagram @thecrazybull)
As an ambassador for R U OK Day, Miguel has spoken about the importance of looking after one's mental health and confessed that it's something many in his industry struggle with.
Aside from his Living Room co-host Barry DuBois, the Spanish-born chef said that Sascha "is very good at getting [him] to open up."
Sascha also said: "It's important to have good communication, too. We always tell each other everything about how we're feeling - whether it's good or bad."
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Even his I'm A Celeb camp mates have realised that Miguel and Sascha have something special.
Following her elimination, reality star Erin Barnett said of Miguel: "He would be the perfect husband because the way he speaks about his beautiful wife Sasha, I think I love her too now."
"He's very much a family man, a gentle guy," former MAFS groom Ryan Gallagher added when asked to describe his appeal.

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