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Sarah Harris reveals plans for baby number three – and why she’s happy to show the world she fails at life sometimes

“Nobody’s life is perfect!”

Perfect make-up, not a hair out of place and a smile that beams bright. This is the Sarah Harris that Australia sees for three-and-a-half hours each day as she hosts morning talk show Studio 10.
But it's not real – Sarah's life isn't always this put together and she wants everyone to know it.
Glance at her social-media pages and you'll find photos of glamorous events such as the Melbourne Cup alongside ones of her at home with her sons Paul, four, and Harry, two, in the midst of a battle over eating their dinner or sleeping in their own beds. For parents everywhere, it's a familiar struggle.
"The reason I try to be so open and upfront and explain all the stuff behind the scenes is because I'd hate for another mum to look at me and think, 'Why does she have it all together and I don't?'" Sarah, 38, tells TV WEEK.
"I'm here to tell you that nobody has their life together. Everyone is just doing their best. The fact that we're talking about that more is making people feel better. I'm one of those people who can take the p--s out of myself. I'm happy to show my mistakes."
Sarah Harris in Christmas With The Australian Women's Weekly. Image: Supplied
Being on a national show like Studio 10, Sarah knows mums are tuning in while they might be juggling the school drop-off and coming home to run the home. It's a job she doesn't take lightly and which she admits she's yet to perfect.
"There are days where my kids are driving me insane, I don't really want to go to work and I don't have the energy to put into my friends," she says.
In 2019, Sarah did what many women find difficult to do – making herself a priority.
"I feel like I've been investing in myself a bit more this year, which has been really good," she says.
"I've made an effort to focus on my health. I did a 10km fun run this year, not to do it in a good time or anything, but I made it over that finish line.
"I think what I'll definitely strive for next year is to keep that work/life balance as much as I can. It's not possible to do it all the time, but just striving for it is good enough."
Sarah with her trainer. Image: Instagram/@whatsarahsnapped
The journalist knows carving out time for yourself is easier said than done.
"As mums, we take on so much guilt," she admits. "You always think you're not quite being the best mum or best employee – or best sister or wife."
And while she might be that touchstone of reality for mothers out there, Sarah looks to others to give her the support and motivation she needs.
It's the sisterhood that has kept her going, and she's all about giving back that encouragement to other women, no matter what network or show they're on.
"Ali Langdon is a dear friend," she says. "It's been great to see her land the hosting job on [the Nine Network's] Today next year," she says.
"She's doing that with two young kids, and she's open about how hard it is. She isn't creating a kind of fairytale – she's worked bloody hard to get to where she is."
"As mums, we take on so much guilt," Sarah admits. Image: Instagram/@whatsarahsnapped
Despite Sarah making a conscious effort to put herself first, there's one tiny thing that could take back all of her alone time: baby number three!
Trying for another baby is being put on the potential to-do list for 2020.
"I'm really conflicted about this," she admits. "People say when you're done [having children], you just know. As soon as Harry came out, I said to my obstetrician, 'I'll see you in a couple of years.' I love the baby smell and that newborn phase – and I actually enjoyed labour, which is really weird."
But it's the toll parenting takes that has Sarah on the fence – and again she's honest about the struggles she's had as a mother.
"At the start, I didn't quite handle having two kids," she says. "It was really hard for me, and I wonder if I'll upset the equilibrium by having a third. It's hard having kids. And it took a toll physically – I had back problems for a really long time."
However, in the same breath, Sarah admits she would go through it all again.
"I'm waiting to feel like I'm done, and I don't think that's quite the case yet," she says. "I might have to leave it up to the universe."
Sarah enjoys a family day in the Blue Mountains. Image: Instagram/@whatsarahsnapped
And it's not a case of her husband Tom wanting to stop having children either.
"He'd like 10 kids, so I have to wear six pairs of knickers at night just to be safe!" she says with a chuckle.
While thoughts of baby number three linger, it hasn't stopped Sarah continuing to kick career goals. In November, she hosted the Melbourne Cup carnival and soon will be hosting the annual Christmas With The Australian Women's Weekly special.
"It was such an honour to do," she says. "They do it all so beautifully, and it was a beautiful day."
Being on set for the Christmas special made her think of the way her family celebrates the holiday.
"I feel like all my best memories are happening now," she says. "I get to see Christmas through the eyes of my two boys – watching their little eyes pop out of their heads when they see Santa has left them presents.
"It's not about the stuff, but about making those traditions and being thankful for having good family around."
Sarah celebrates at the Christmas table. Image: Supplied
As well as Christmas, Sarah also has to put on two birthday parties for her sons, who were both born in December.
"Clearly, Easter and chocolate are an aphrodisiac for me!" she says with a laugh.
With a few jobs under her belt in 2019, we had to ask if she would be ready to take on more in 2020. Perhaps a stint in the South African jungle on reality show I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!?
"At this stage of my life, I don't think I could do it," she says. "It's a big commitment. That amount of time away from my boys would send me insane."
WATCH BELOW: I'm A Celeb teases a "leading lady" is going into the jungle. Post continues after video...
But Sarah says she would happily put on the stilettos for Dancing With The Stars when it returns next year.
"Now that I would do!' she says. "That would be a whole lot of fun – I do think of myself as a good dancer. But after two kids, I don't have any rhythm – I'm the mum who thinks she's cool."
Christmas With The Australian Women's Weekly airs Monday, 7.30pm, on 10.

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