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The Bachelor Australia’s Osher Gunsberg talks mental illness and its impact on his sex life

The TV host is opening up about his past struggles.
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Osher Gunsberg’s kind and caring nature in his role as host of The Bachelor Australia is adored by Australians the country over, but things haven’t always been smooth sailing for the 44-year-old.

After releasing his autobiography, Back, After the Break, Gunsberg has revealed some confronting details about his past – including the toll it took on his sex life.

Osher Gunsberg has opened up about his struggles with mental illness.

Osher was initially diagnosed with social phobia and a generalised anxiety disorder, which he tried to manage himself with alcohol.

Speaking to Stellar on Tuesday, Gunsberg discussed his breaking point: “Eventually the amount I needed to feel anywhere near normal became completely unmanageable and very unhealthy and it was very clear where it was going to end up if I didn’t stop,” he said.

Osher and the current Bachelor, Nick Cummins. Image: Instagram/@osher_gunsberg

During this time, he started experiencing psychosis, which was when he was prescribed drugs for obsessive compulsive disorder.

And while he says the drugs helped him start to heal, they also had an impact on his sex drive.

“People want their wives and husbands to get better and feel better … but (when they’re medicated) they’re not interested in sex,” he said.

“The drugs turn down the really intense thoughts, but they also turn down sexual ­desire and that sucks.”

Osher and his wife Audrey married in 2016. Image: Instagram/@osher_gunsberg

He said he was extremely grateful to his wife, Audrey, who let him write about the experience, as it’s “so important to talk about it”.

Being frank about being on-screen in front of thousands of people, Osher disclosed that people don’t realise he’s on “two ­different kinds of ­antipsychotics”.

Major props to the TV host for being so real.

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