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The Bachelor contestants: Where are they now?

We take a wander down rose ceremony lane to find out if any of these lonely boys and girls found their happily-ever-afters live on air.
The Bachelor

Many of us have been hooked to our TV sets for the past ten weeks watching Bachelor Blake Garvey whittle down a dozen lovely ladies to just one, Samantha Frost, only to dump her before the final episode aired.

Shock. Anger. Disappointment. These were all some of the feeling words online Bachelor buffs have used to describe how they have felt post- Sam and Blake break-up, but are they really that surprised? Really?

After hundreds of Bachelor/ Bachelorette/ Bachelor Pad/ Bachelorette Pad spin-offs how many of these lusty TV relationships really lasted?

We take a wander down rose ceremony lane to find out if any of these lonely boys and girls found their happily-ever-afters live on air.

The Bachelor Australia Season 2: Blake Garvey, Samantha Frost: Bachelor Blake proposed to Sam in a super-duper romantic final rose ceremony in South Africa but even before the final episode aired the pair split. In an explosive interview with 10’s The Project, a heartbroken Sam called Blake a “jackass” and says when Blake broke it off she told him angrily: “How dare you propose to me!”

The Bachelor US Season 1: Alex Michel, Amanda Marsh: The Original Bachelor, Alex Michel shocked everyone when picked Amanda Marsh over Trista Rehn. While Alex did not propose the pair briefly dated after the show but Amanda dumped Alex when she found out he was secretly keeping in touch with Trista. Marsh went on to marry her childhood friend, Jay Caldwell, and they have a daughter named Chloe.

The Bachelor US Season 2: Aaron Buerge, Helene Eksterowicz: The second bachelor, Aaron Buerge was the first Bachelor to propose to his TV love, Helene with a ring he bought himself. The couple broke up a short time later and the ring was reportedly sold on Ebay.

The Bachelor US Season 3: Andrew Firestone, Jen Schefft: Although the super cocky Andrew Firestone picked Jen Schefft to be his last standing lady love nobody was surprised when they broke up and Firestone went on to marry model Ivana Božilović. The couple now have two children, Anja and Adam.

The Bachelor US Season 4: Bob Guiney, Estella Gardinier: Bachelor Bob Guiney planted kisses on plenty of contestants during his quest for love but he eventually gave a promise ring to Estella Gardinier. They didn’t work out but Bachelor Bob went on to become a TV personality and married soap opera star, Rebecca Budig, of All My Children. The pair split after five years of marriage.

The Bachelorette US Season 1: Trista Rehn, Ryan Sutter: While she may have lucked out on season one of The Bachelor, Trista Rehn picked former NFL player and Colorado firefighter, Ryan Sutter to be her final suitor. The pair married in a televised wedding on ABC on December 6, 2003 and are still together today with two children.

The Bachelorette Season 3: Jennifer Schefft, Jerry Ferria: The Bachelor Season 3 winner Jen Schefft turned up the stakes in her second try at reality TV love with the show’s first live rose ceremony. Schefft picked handsome art gallery director, Jerry Ferris. Although Ferris proposed, Schefft rejected his proposal and found love in real life with Chicago public relations executive Joe Waterman, whom she married in May 2009. The couple have one daughter Mae Elizabeth born in November 2010.

The Bachelor Season 7: Charlie O’Connell, Sarah Brice: Charlie O’Connell, the less-famous actor than his brother, Jerry, chose Sarah Brice. Although the actor didn’t propose the couple enjoyed a lengthy five year relationship but reportedly called it quits in 2010.

The Bachelor Australia Season 1: Tim Robards, Anna Heinrich: Tim chose Anna in the end when he presented her with a diamond promise ring. The couple still remain together today but runner up Rochelle Emmanuel-Smith went on the tell The Weekly she “felt like the country’s biggest joke” when she was rejected by Tim but is rumoured to be in the running for Australia’s first Bachelorette.

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